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Beware Of The Snowmen

On Christmas Day, it was guaranteed that if snow did fall in the near future, NOBODY will set foot from their houses and play in the snow. Those Joker-like Snowmen who do worse smiles than Sheldon (and that’s saying something) really were scary.

But scary snowmen have been around for a long time…on Top of the Pops; the Flying Pickets created an Xmas No.1 hit in 1983 with an al capella cover of Yazoo’s Only You. But in one memorable performance, they dressed as snowmen. The video is below (keep an eye on the snowman with the black lipstick waggling a pipe in his mouth. Yes. You heard me):

If you want something even more scary, look up The Snowmen’s “Hokey Cokey” on Youtube; THAT is one scary snowman song!

Live long and prosper!


What’s Been Playing Over & Over Again In My Head Like A Broken Record This Week (or “Favourite/Unfavourite Songs of the Week”)

The summer of this year can only be described as a musical epiphany, through recorded Top of the Pops programmes (from 1977) and compilations; the resurfacing of an old tape collection; the re-listening of music singles that I hadn’t realised I loved; and my birthday present CD: Best of British. Thanks to these, my Favourite Songs of the Week turned from posts infested with The Human League, Donna Summer and The Hoosiers, to posts full of less-well-known-bands-who-are-actually-epicly-geniusly-catchy, such as The Rah Band, New Order and The The. Many new bands have been swarming inside my brain last week. Some I embraced with open arms. Others I cried at.

  1. Fantasy Island – Tight Fit (Tight Fit can only be described as ABBA’s evil twins. Listen with caution. The lyrics are as cheesy as a certain board served after a meal at a restaurant. Once they enter your head, they will never leave, and you have to put your sanity in shackles when they play in your brain’s jukebox. Either stick with The Lion Sleeps Tonight or AVOID. You have been warned.)
  2. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) – Eurythmics (Bless Annie Lennox with her cutback orange hair and wildly entertaining dance moves. This song, along with Mah Na Mah Na, is the only song that can overpower the song of insanity that is Fantasy Island. A real 80s classic.)
  3. Electric Fling – The Rah Band (The Rah Band’s albums are very, very rare. Probably because they are highly unknown. But I like to think it’s because they are one of a kind. Their synthesised instrumental tracks are head-bobbing at first listen: Especially The Crunch, Downside Up and this. However, their fashion is perhaps a little too kooky. Zip-up balaclava and black bin bag pullover, anyone?)
  4. Funky Gibbon – The Goodies (Cringeworthy puns, memorable music, and embarrassed intellectual Graeme Garden dancing half-heartedly are what you will find in this track. Guilty pleasure for some; comedy gold for others; annoying for everybody else._
  5. Blue Monday – New Order (80s heaven with genius lyrics for the synthesisa band derived from Joy Division (“Love Will Tear Us Apart”), only less depressing. The first new band I listened to that spread a heavenly smile across my face as I floated up to cloud 1983. In fact, it was THIS that made me smile…and Your Silent Face. I can’t believe I didn’t them earlier.)

But what about you? How did you find your musical epiphanies? How did you find the bands that you just can’t imagine life without? What gets stuck in your head every week?

Live long and prosper! 😀

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