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Beware Of The Snowmen

On Christmas Day, it was guaranteed that if snow did fall in the near future, NOBODY will set foot from their houses and play in the snow. Those Joker-like Snowmen who do worse smiles than Sheldon (and that’s saying something) really were scary.

But scary snowmen have been around for a long time…on Top of the Pops; the Flying Pickets created an Xmas No.1 hit in 1983 with an al capella cover of Yazoo’s Only You. But in one memorable performance, they dressed as snowmen. The video is below (keep an eye on the snowman with the black lipstick waggling a pipe in his mouth. Yes. You heard me):

If you want something even more scary, look up The Snowmen’s “Hokey Cokey” on Youtube; THAT is one scary snowman song!

Live long and prosper!


Big Bang Theory Quote of the Week!

Sorry I didn’t do this last week. I was otherwise engaged. This quote comes from the 50th Big Bang Theory episode, and it features the ONE LINE that you should start every “Guide To…” book with. You probably know which line I’m talking about. Enjoy!

Sheldon: Now, remember, Newton realized that Aristotle was wrong and force was not necessary to maintain motion. So let’s plug in our 9.8 meters per second squared as A and we get force, Earth gravity, equals mass times 9.8 meters per second per second. So we can see that MA equals MG and what do we know from this?

Penny: Uh…we know that… Newton was a really smart cookie. Oh! Is that where Fig Newtons come from?

Sheldon: No, Fig Newtons are named after a small town in Massachusetts. (Penny starts to write) No, don’t write that down!

Penny: Sorry.

Sheldon: Now, if MA equals MG, what does that imply?

Penny: I don’t know.

Sheldon: How can you not know? I just told you! Have you suffered a recent blow to the head?

Penny: Hey! You don’t have to be so mean!

Sheldon: I’m sorry. (Smiling like the Joker) Have you suffered a recent blow to the head?

Penny: No. You just suck at teaching.

Sheldon: Really? Of those two explanations, which one seems the most likely?

Penny: Oh, God. Sheldon, look I’m trying to understand, but you’re going too fast. Can you just back up a little bit?

Sheldon: All right. (Sits down) It’s a warm summer evening in ancient Greece…

Penny: Not that far back!

Sheldon: Okay! At what point did you begin to feel lost?

Penny: I don’t know. (Looks back through her notepad) Where were we looking up at the night sky?

Sheldon: Greece.

Penny: Damnit!

Live long and prosper! 😀

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