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2012 In A Nutshell

Gotye confused but excelled with his cubist video.

Call Me Maybe knew that this was crazy, but buy me maybe.

Harry Hill bid us goodbye.

Viewers cringed at the Jubilee Thames pageant on TV.

Grace Jones showed the Queen how to be a hula-hooping Slave to the Rhythm.

Britain cried with Andy Murray.

People groaned at Danny Boyle.

People then praised Danny Boyle.

Britain cheered and cried with Andy Murray.

The Paralympic ceremonies confused others but surprised me.

The world went Oppa Gangnam Style!

It was decided that Anything Could Happen.

We let the Skyfall when we crumble.

Doctor Who brought people to their knees and behind the sofa.

The world didn’t end after all.


Steven Hawking revealed his hatred of the Go Compare man…


Favourite Songs of the Week!

  1. Magic Fly – Space (hypnotic, entrancing, enticing and any other synonym for “hypnotic”. Also VERY SPACEY.)
  2. Oxygene Part IV – Jean Michel Jarre (the king of synth pop and instrumentals alongside Mike Oldfield & Giorgio Moroder.)
  3. Just Can’t Get Enough – Depeche Mode (the Saturdays ruined this song; the original is so much better!)
  4. Somebody That I Used To Know – Gotye (describe this in one word? Genius.)
  5. Sinful – Pete Wylie (quite catchy for an indie song and great for 80s synth pop fans!)
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