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Pessimist vs. Optimist

PROGRESS UPDATE: Saturday 29th December (13:32 PM)

EMOTION: A feeling of doom being desperately veiled by fighting optimism.

WHY: Recently had a dawning realisation of how serious January is going to be, as well as how much work I have to do, which is being fought against by my thoughts of “You still have another week left” and “You might be able to buy some more CDs soon” and “DON’T PANIC”.

CURRENT REVISION TASKS: Currently doing revision for Science exams — Chemistry mock (which I don’t want to do much revision for since I might use up all the revision material for the real exam in May/June) and REAL EXAMS in Physics & Biology.

MOMENTS OF JOY: Bobbing along to Depeche Mode and Yazoo whilst working on SAM Learning; performing my temporary morning exercise — GANGNAM STYLE; lying exhausted on the floor of my room last night as Jean Michel-Jarre’s therapeutic “Oxygene” washes over me.

GREATEST MOMENT SO FAR: Reading up on the New Year Honours List and seeing Higgs, Quentin Blake and Ewan Mcgregor on it, along with all the Olympic heroes.

BIGGEST MOMENT(S) OF ANNOYANCE SO FAR: Getting a ridiculously low grade on a mini test (thank goodness it was only Electrolysis).

BIGGEST SHOCK SO FAR: Hearing and reading of the scurge of the blasted norovirus; it’s bringing out the germophobe in me.

FINISHING SENTENCE: Keep calm and carry on.


Crazy Christmas

PROGRESS UPDATE: Friday 28th December 2012.

EMOTION: Nervous but happy.

WHY: Happy with how much revision I’ve done, but nervous that I’ll look back on this week and consider it insufficient.

CURRENT REVISION COMPLETED: Jekyll & Hyde Activity sheets; Bitesize Chemistry revision; Biology Progress sheet; German Writing transcript; 3 Of Mice & Men mind-maps; and reviewing Of Mice & Men notes.

MOMENTS OF JOY: Watching Outnumbered and seeing the parents squirm in the face of the norovirus; grinning from earlobe to earlobe at Jenna Louise-Coleman’s (the Doctor’s new companion in the Christmas special) wittiness and humour; finally recognsing the tune and lyrics to “Call Me Maybe”; seeing Miranda back in form; laughing at Artemis Fowl; and so much karaoke!

GREATEST MOMENT SO FAR: Boxing Day. Playing charades. My role: Dancer. My clues: Gangnam Style & Macarena! Oppa Gangnam Style! Heeey Macarena!

BIGGEST MOMENT(S) OF ANNOYANCE SO FAR: Karen seldom appearing in the Outnumbered Xmas Special.

BIGGEST SHOCK SO FAR: Seeing (and hearing) Ben from Outnumbered all grown-up!

FINISHING SENTENCE: Craziest cracker of a Christmas.

The Christmas No. 1

Yesterday, it was officially declared that the Hillsborough tribute song “He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother” deservedly reached Xmas No. 1, and I couldn’t be any more thrilled.

I am huge supporter of the thousands of people who got sick of the X Factor singles relentlessly stealing every pop singer’s dream ambition of reaching that pinnacle spot, bringing to the Xmas No. 1 spot a heavy metal song and Gareth Malone’s Military Wives. However, I am slightly ashamed to say that I started out supporting the X Factor singles — I bought Shane Ward’s “That’s My Goal” single and never stopped playing it. But I never thought the X Factor would get to the No. 1 spot for years afterwards.

So many people contended for the No.1 spot this year. According to the Telegraph, the tenth most likely song was the Pogues’ “Fairytale of New York”, which was a nice surprise. There was also Clive Dunn (best known for being in Dad’s Army) and his hit song “Grandad”, Girls Aloud and (unfortunately) One Direction who contended for the No.1 spot. But the charity song, yet again, reached No.1. And I am so happy.

If the X Factor was a species, then I think it is close to becoming extinct. Strictly has thrashed them in terms of viewer numbers, and it has just got so bad recently; as the judges commented themselves, all the wrong people were being sent off. The X Factor is losing popularity. I think the show is dying out.

But, on the plus side, going back to the topic of Xmas No.1, Gangnam Style reached No.6! And it has reached 1 billion views on Youtube! And the British Army in Afghanistan have created their own version! And here it is:

Merry Xmas Everyone! 😀

Ode to the Brain

Zombie food.

You are so complicated

So complex

So perplexing

Not even the supercomputer giants that are IBM

Can replicate a machine like you.

Thing that makes us human.

You give us personality




You develop and grow and squirm

In a jar that is our skull.

Fascinating object.

You watch over our bodies

And you watch over the world

You tell us to do the wrong thing

When we eat a fiery hot chilli.

Brown lumpy baby.

You learn every day.

You learn of electricity



And crusts

That make your hair go curly.

Human jukebox.

You can drive us insane

With Gangnam Style

Or Monty Python.

Or The Cheeky Girls

Why must you keep these torturing memories

Just to drive us up the wall?


How do you even store our memories?

Does memory even exist?

Does consciousness?

Does knowledge?

Why must you hide away all your secrets to scientists?

And why do you not even tell use how you work?

Us, without whom you’d be nothing.

Brains, may you live long and prosper!

Favourite Songs of the Week!

This week, we explore the kooky side to the 80s…

  1. O Superman – Laurie Anderson (NUMERO UNO on this list)
  2. Drowning in Berlin – Mobiles (For some reason, this song features a circus organ…)
  3. Beat Box – The Art of Noise (An incomprehensive assortment of sounds creating some interestingly genius mumbo-jumbo.)
  4. Da Da Da (I Don’t Love You You Don’t Love Me Aha Aha Aha) – Trio (Follows a similar technique to Gangnam Style – a super-catchy tune set to lyrics that only briefly uses English, but it doesn’t matter. Also follows the Number One rule of Eurovision: if you run out of ideas for the lyrics, don’t use actual words!)
  5. I Want To Break Free – Queen (Don’t think this is kooky? Take one look at the video and the penny will inevitably drop.)

Gangnam Style

Deep in the realms of insanity, in the heart of South Korea, nestles a creation of incomprehensible insanity that has spread beyond its boundaries and plagued the minds of people, sane and insane, worldwide. A creature of unfathomably deranged behaviour. A being of immense power over sanity. A thing of…crazily…demented…posess…OK, it’s just a stupidly catchy song that’s infested every acre of this ordinary little planet and should be avoided AT ALL COSTS while you’re still sane!

Gangnam Style has taken over the world. It has become a musical Hypno-Toad that’s invaded the worlds of music, dance and humour. When I saw it over the summer, I just regarded it as a ludricously irritating but, at the same time, joyfully catchy video. I didn’t think it would have the slightest influence on anything. I just thought it would die out quickly as a video that friends share over Facebook.

But it got into the charts. IT GOT TO THE NO.1 SPOT. It’s insane (but not as insane as the song and its dancing that’s so crazy it’s as if it it was made by somebody who was having a high on…something).

I’m not meaning to sound (or rather, type) so annoyed about this. It is genius that a human brain can come up with something that just swarms around inside your brain, never leaving. But just hearing the electronic intro music playing in a nearby room shatters my brain like a valuable vase every time.

I’ve not enclosed a link to the video on this blog post, because I do not want to be the one who introduces you to The Song of Insanity. If you want to stay sane, DO NOT WATCH UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. However, if Crazily-Dementedly-Derangedly-Kookily-Insanely-Bonkers is your middle name, then drag yourself over to YouTube and tell your sanity lobe to fasten their seat-belt.

Live long and prosper! 😀


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