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Top 5 Things to Do On A Whim

If I found myself feeling insane, courageous, or under the influence of Red Bull, these are the top five things I would do.

  1. Walk around town or down a crowded street wearing a Soundtrack T-Shirt, playing The Imperial March, Walking On Sunshine, a video game tune (like Super Mario Bros.) or some other equally embarassing and head-turning tune (thanks to Raj for the inspiration).
  2. Enter my Pin Number into an ATM, but shout out the wrong digits to baffle the people behind me (thanks to Michael McIntyre for the inspiration).
  3. Pose completely still in a shop window, like a shop dummy, and then scare people as they walk by (thanks to Miranda [Hart] for the inspiration).
  4. Have somebody call my Nokia phone so that it can play the ringtone out loud, and then I can yell, “HELLO!…WHAT?…NO, I’M IN A ____!…NO, IT’S RUBBISH!…ALRIGHT!…CIAO!” (thanks to Dom Joly from Trigger Happy TV for the inspiration).
  5. While somebody is choosing over which biscuits to buy, control two monkey puppets who look over the aisle at them and say, “Jammy. Jammy Jammy,” and “Toffee! Toffee Toffee!” (thanks to the epic Jammy Dodger ads for the inspiration).

Live long and prosper! 😀

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