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Previously In My Life

Well hello to you, everyone! Again, I apologise for my lack of blogging; I can’t believe it’s been a whole month! I guess this is what they call blogger’s block.

As some of you may notice in my title, I’ve been celebrating the return of Miranda Hart and the third series of her sitcom. Although I’m bitterly disappointed that she seldom says the title to this blog post or “On with the show!”, and that the delightfully camp Clive — Gary’s annoying yet amazing assistant in the restaurant — is absent, I loved many moments of it: seeing how Miranda sees Gary — the daydreaming involving war paint and making love and Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s “Relax (New York Mix)” –; the M&S song; the massage (awkwardness is an understatement for what I felt as I watched the sketch); the Dirty Dancing lift (you will wince); and the kiss…with a certain member of Take That!

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, Miranda is a sitcom about the comedienne of the same name, trying but failing to act normal in the presence of her infuriatingly annoying and out-of-touch “what I call” mother; her small, hyperactive shop assistant, Stevie; her posh “splendisamo” schoolfriend, Tilly; and her crush from university, Gary. Over the series, Miranda has been treated by a pyschotherapist, witnessed her old French teacher naked, and had the most extraordinary experience of her life in a hotel room. It’s steadily staled over the series, so the first one is the best, there are still moments of comedy genius to be found in the later series. Critics love it, and so do I.


Strictly Goes Smokin’!

This year, Strictly has had the greatest celebrity line up ever, Alesha has finally been replaced by a proper professional dancing judge, and my geeky grin has emerged many times during the series — Dani Harmer danced on a Pac-Man arena with Pac-Man eating ghosts on the background screen last week. And then came this week’s Hollywood special. To paraphrase that line from Dirty Dancing, this week, I had the time of my life watching Strictly.

I’m sure many people would say that the Dirty Dancing dance was the highlight of the series; it predictably but deservedly received the longest standing ovation of the series, and was clearly saved till last on purpose. But I would strongly beg to differ.

There was Fern Britton dancing to Supercalafridgalisticexpialdocious [looked it up and found that it was Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious]. There was the Full Monty dance, with some good ol’ Hot Stuff by Donna Summer in the background, although I think I speak for every Strictly viewer when I say I was cowering against the sofa and praying that they wouldn’t actually do the Full Monty for real. There was Denise Van Outen’s Toy Story dance, which I sang along to as nostalgic goosebumps shivered up my arms and I pondered why “Jessie” wasn’t wearing her cowgirl hat and jacket. There was the Bond dance (hands up all those who cringed at “You only lift twice.” Yup. Enough hands to hold up the moon).

And then there came the real highlight: the Mask dance. As soon as I heard the tune during a brief watch of It Takes Two, I knew that this was going to be the dance of the night. And I wasn’t wrong. Nicky Byrne did Jim Carrey justice, behaving almost exactly like him. The dance was, to paraphrase Star Trek, energised. And they remembered to add the “SMOKIN’!” at the end (I said it at the same time). Best of all, Nicky didn’t even need to wear false teeth to do the Mask grin. I love The Mask, and seeing it on Strictly just made my day.

Poor Craig, though. Poor Craig the tin man without a heart. It’s a complete DIS-ARS-TER, darling! 😀

Bring on Strictly Does Halloween!


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