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Crazy Christmas

PROGRESS UPDATE: Friday 28th December 2012.

EMOTION: Nervous but happy.

WHY: Happy with how much revision I’ve done, but nervous that I’ll look back on this week and consider it insufficient.

CURRENT REVISION COMPLETED: Jekyll & Hyde Activity sheets; Bitesize Chemistry revision; Biology Progress sheet; German Writing transcript; 3 Of Mice & Men mind-maps; and reviewing Of Mice & Men notes.

MOMENTS OF JOY: Watching Outnumbered and seeing the parents squirm in the face of the norovirus; grinning from earlobe to earlobe at Jenna Louise-Coleman’s (the Doctor’s new companion in the Christmas special) wittiness and humour; finally recognsing the tune and lyrics to “Call Me Maybe”; seeing Miranda back in form; laughing at Artemis Fowl; and so much karaoke!

GREATEST MOMENT SO FAR: Boxing Day. Playing charades. My role: Dancer. My clues: Gangnam Style & Macarena! Oppa Gangnam Style! Heeey Macarena!

BIGGEST MOMENT(S) OF ANNOYANCE SO FAR: Karen seldom appearing in the Outnumbered Xmas Special.

BIGGEST SHOCK SO FAR: Seeing (and hearing) Ben from Outnumbered all grown-up!

FINISHING SENTENCE: Craziest cracker of a Christmas.


So You Think You Know The Big Bang Theory?

  1. What is the last crossword clue Leonard gives to the High IQ Sperm Bank Receptionist?
  2. What cereal does Sheldon eat when he’s in a good mood?
  3. What did Sheldon apparently scream standing behind a tree in the paintball match?
  4. Why did Sheldon want to hold a costume meeting?
  5. Name the four costumes the nerds wear to the Halloween Party.
  6. Name the three lines (in English) Sheldon says to the Chinese university students.
  7. What colour is Sheldon’s spot in Penny’s apartment?
  8. What was the first thing Raj did in the Mars Rover control room?
  9. What did Stephanie diagnose Sheldon with?
  10. Name the two presents Leonard and Penny give each other on Christmas Day.
  11. What does Nowitzki ask Sheldon to do?
  12. What colour paint does Penny accidentally shoot onto Sheldon’s spot?
  13. What two events did Sheldon miss while at the North Pole?
  14. What stresses Sheldon out most of all?
  15. What’s the last game Sheldon gives to the policeman when telling him the list of games that had been stolen from him?
  16. What does Sheldon use to change Penny’s personality?
  17. Which two celebrities does Sheldon have restraining orders from?
  18. Why do you hardly ever see Penny standing up at the beginning of Season 4?
  19. Who does Amy Farrah Fowler have a brief crush on?
  20. What two tests do Raj and Howard come up with to determine which one of them is ‘Rat Man’?
  21. Name the odd one out of Sheldon’s cats.
  22. Why is he called that?
  23. What does Sheldon yell, winning his team the University Paintballing Trophy?
  24. How does Leonard get on the Wall of Heroes in the comic book store?
  25. What BBC TV series does Sheldon suggest Leonard and Penny watch during a blackout?
So, what do you think the answers are? Please comment!
The answers will be published in a week’s time.
Good luck!

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