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Ode to the Brain

Zombie food.

You are so complicated

So complex

So perplexing

Not even the supercomputer giants that are IBM

Can replicate a machine like you.

Thing that makes us human.

You give us personality




You develop and grow and squirm

In a jar that is our skull.

Fascinating object.

You watch over our bodies

And you watch over the world

You tell us to do the wrong thing

When we eat a fiery hot chilli.

Brown lumpy baby.

You learn every day.

You learn of electricity



And crusts

That make your hair go curly.

Human jukebox.

You can drive us insane

With Gangnam Style

Or Monty Python.

Or The Cheeky Girls

Why must you keep these torturing memories

Just to drive us up the wall?


How do you even store our memories?

Does memory even exist?

Does consciousness?

Does knowledge?

Why must you hide away all your secrets to scientists?

And why do you not even tell use how you work?

Us, without whom you’d be nothing.

Brains, may you live long and prosper!


My Childhood Top 40 (Part 1)

When I was young and naive, I could describe my taste in music in two words: POP PARTY. I just liked most of what I heard, and didn’t even think of experimenting with different genres (I’m currently listening to Jean Michel Jarre’s AMAZING album Oxygene, which is entirely instrumental, entirely electronic, and entirely…spacey). Since it’s the Pop Charts’ 60th birthday, I’ve figured that I should create a Top 40 of my childhood music. This is my first half, from when I was not yet in my double digits.

Some make me cringe. Some make me beam. But all bring me nostalgia. (N.B. This is NOT in order of preference!)

  1. …Baby One More Time – Britney Spears (Somebody has created genius but embarrassingly suggestive actions to this song. This song’s embarrassing enough! We don’t NEED actions to accompany this!)
  2. Year 3000 – Busted (They predicted that in the Year 3000, everybody lives underwater. What they forgot to predict was the one-eyed mutant, the lonely red crustacean who can imitate the Three Stooges, and the barmy professor!)
  3. Sk8er Boi – Avril Lavigne
  4. Spirit in the Sky – Gareth Gate and the Kumars (Ah, the Kumars. They always, and still do, make me smile!)
  5. Get The Party Started – P!nk
  6. Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum) – The Cheeky Girls (Um…don’t really know what to make of this song.)
  7. Aserje (Ketchup Song) – Las Ketchup (I used to be told that this was song was spoken in English, only really quickly. Wow, was I stupid.)
  8. Fast Food Song – Fast Food Rockers (“A Pizza Hut, a Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut!”)
  9. Reach – S Club 7 (S Club 7. Truly THE band of my childhood. They’re so nostalgic that their songs often make me smile sheepishly. I remember doing a warm up routine in PE to this.)
  10. Tragedy – Steps (I had NO IDEA that this was originally a Bee Gees song. This was just made for Steps.)
  11. Sound of the Underground – Girls Aloud (I was the proud owner of the Girls Aloud album “Chemistry” once. Glad that was a phase.)
  12. Round Round – Sugababes (A constant choice in school talent shows, I remember.)
  13. Can’t Get You Out Of My Head – Kylie Minogue (The one song from my childhood that I still like.)
  14. Who Let The Dogs Out – Baha Men (“Who let the dogs out? Who? Who? Who who?”)
  15. Follow Da Leader 2002 – Nigel & Marvin (“Follow da leader-leader-leader-leader, follow da leader!”)
  16. Hey Baby – DJ Otzi (“Heeeeeyyyyy! Hey, Ba-Bay! Oo! Aa! I wanna knoo-ooaaahh-ow…If you’ll be my girl!”)
  17. Mambo No. 5 – Lou Bega (EPIC SONG!)
  18. Mickey – Lolly
  19. Sundown – S Club 8
  20. It’s Chico Time – Chico (I LOVED Chico. I owned the single and played it multiple times. Now I hate myself for it.)

My childhood. So heavily infested by an appalling taste in poppy-pop pop music and Doctor Who soundtracks. Thank goodness I had the right sense to recoil in horror when Aqua’s Barbie Girl started playing. Rest assured I will NEVER listen to these songs under my own will! I’ve found some superb bands at the moment, and if I ever listen to these listed songs again, it’s for nostalgic purposes ONLY.

For Part Two, time to delve into my NOW CD collection for some proper music…

Live long and prosper! đŸ˜€

P.S: I’m not going to put Barbie Girl on my Spotify playlist; it’s just NOT the done thing for a male human to show the slightest interest in this most annoying but nostalgic song.

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