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Big Bang Theory Quote of the Month

In these times of exam pressure and revision stress, 6 o’clock every weekday truly has been a sanctuary for me over the Christmas holiday. So just as a one-off, I’m reviving my Big Bang Theory Quote posts to give a quote that I can’t believe I’ve missed out on, especially since it’s from a particularly interesting episode where we discover just how boldly Howard can go when it comes to dating women.

Howard: Watch this, it’s really cool. Call Leonard Hofstadter.

Howard’s phone: Did you say “Call Helen Boxleitner”?


Howard’s phone: Did you say, “Call Temple Beth Sader“?

Howard: NO. CALL–

Leonard: Here, let me try. Call McFlono McFloonyloo. (He laughs.)

Howard’s phone: Calling Rajesh Koothrappali. (Raj’s eyes widen in disbelief. His phone rings).

Raj: Oh! That’s very impressive…and a little racist.

Live long and prosper! 😀


You Know You’re a Big Bang Theory Geek when…

  1. You can recite about 20 lines from the Big Bang Theory off by heart.
  2. You can recite the line given by the sponsors of the Big Bang Theory on E4 off by heart.
  3. You do ‘spock-fives’ with your friends.
  4. You constantly incorporate the word “Bazinga” into your life.
  5. You know the rules to ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock”
  6. You know the names of ten or more Big Bang Theory writers.
  7. You can recite the theme tune off by heart.
  8. You incorporate Big Bang Theory quotes into your life.
  9. You can detect a Big Bang Theory reference when somebody gives one when they speak.
  10. You can sing Soft Kitty off by heart.

You know you are the king/queen of Big Bang Theory geeks when you can sing Soft Kitty with another Big Bang Theory geek…AS A ROUND!


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