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2012 In A Nutshell

Gotye confused but excelled with his cubist video.

Call Me Maybe knew that this was crazy, but buy me maybe.

Harry Hill bid us goodbye.

Viewers cringed at the Jubilee Thames pageant on TV.

Grace Jones showed the Queen how to be a hula-hooping Slave to the Rhythm.

Britain cried with Andy Murray.

People groaned at Danny Boyle.

People then praised Danny Boyle.

Britain cheered and cried with Andy Murray.

The Paralympic ceremonies confused others but surprised me.

The world went Oppa Gangnam Style!

It was decided that Anything Could Happen.

We let the Skyfall when we crumble.

Doctor Who brought people to their knees and behind the sofa.

The world didn’t end after all.


Steven Hawking revealed his hatred of the Go Compare man…


Crazy Christmas

PROGRESS UPDATE: Friday 28th December 2012.

EMOTION: Nervous but happy.

WHY: Happy with how much revision I’ve done, but nervous that I’ll look back on this week and consider it insufficient.

CURRENT REVISION COMPLETED: Jekyll & Hyde Activity sheets; Bitesize Chemistry revision; Biology Progress sheet; German Writing transcript; 3 Of Mice & Men mind-maps; and reviewing Of Mice & Men notes.

MOMENTS OF JOY: Watching Outnumbered and seeing the parents squirm in the face of the norovirus; grinning from earlobe to earlobe at Jenna Louise-Coleman’s (the Doctor’s new companion in the Christmas special) wittiness and humour; finally recognsing the tune and lyrics to “Call Me Maybe”; seeing Miranda back in form; laughing at Artemis Fowl; and so much karaoke!

GREATEST MOMENT SO FAR: Boxing Day. Playing charades. My role: Dancer. My clues: Gangnam Style & Macarena! Oppa Gangnam Style! Heeey Macarena!

BIGGEST MOMENT(S) OF ANNOYANCE SO FAR: Karen seldom appearing in the Outnumbered Xmas Special.

BIGGEST SHOCK SO FAR: Seeing (and hearing) Ben from Outnumbered all grown-up!

FINISHING SENTENCE: Craziest cracker of a Christmas.

FAB Gerry Anderson

I’m stunned to hear that one of the most genius animators who has ever lived just died today in his sleep. It was just one of those stories that took a while to sink in. In fact, it never will. There is a still a chance that he’s reincarnated as a puppet…
Thunderbirds made my childhood. From its stimulating music to its gripping stories, I loved every second. It was child fodder. It was a childish treat. Thunderbirds was clearly the creation of someone who, like Disney & Einstein, had never grown up. No grown up could think up Thunderbirds let alone Joe 90 and his wonderful glasses.
This is not RIP Gerry ; this is FAB. Thunderbirds are go!

Quote Of My Life

“Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.” Marsha Norman

Ode to the Brain

Zombie food.

You are so complicated

So complex

So perplexing

Not even the supercomputer giants that are IBM

Can replicate a machine like you.

Thing that makes us human.

You give us personality




You develop and grow and squirm

In a jar that is our skull.

Fascinating object.

You watch over our bodies

And you watch over the world

You tell us to do the wrong thing

When we eat a fiery hot chilli.

Brown lumpy baby.

You learn every day.

You learn of electricity



And crusts

That make your hair go curly.

Human jukebox.

You can drive us insane

With Gangnam Style

Or Monty Python.

Or The Cheeky Girls

Why must you keep these torturing memories

Just to drive us up the wall?


How do you even store our memories?

Does memory even exist?

Does consciousness?

Does knowledge?

Why must you hide away all your secrets to scientists?

And why do you not even tell use how you work?

Us, without whom you’d be nothing.

Brains, may you live long and prosper!

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