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Party Rock Is In Mos Eisley Tonight!

THIS VIDEO HAS NOT BEEN EDITED. It is genuinely just the “Party Rock Anthem” video set to a jolly, jaunty, joyful musical piece of geeky glory! The hint is in the title…


For those who want to see just how big an essay I can write on a blog, or who want to learn of the history of synthesizers and synthpop, have a read! Same goes to fans of Star Trek, Doctor Who and just about anything to do with electronic music.

Wink Of A Word

When machines took over music, they took over well. What began as two cramped little rooms in the BBC Maida Vale studios running on a budget of £2000 quickly became one of the BBC’s most cherished creations and, eventually, one of the most highly acclaimed electronic music studios in the world: the BBC Radiophonics Workshop, run by the unsung synth pioneers Daphne Oram and Desmond Briscoe, the former of which first came to the BBC as a Sound Engineer. With the extraordinary Oramics synthesizer, the workshop began a simple life, making sound effects for shows such as the legendary “Goon Show”. But then came the highlight of the workshop’s existence, when Delia Derbyshire and Ron Grainer collaborated to compose one of history’s most instantly recognisable yet chilling and skin-crawling tunes: the Doctor Who theme tune — arguably the greatest of all the versions that were released over the years. The…

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Pessimist vs. Optimist

PROGRESS UPDATE: Saturday 29th December (13:32 PM)

EMOTION: A feeling of doom being desperately veiled by fighting optimism.

WHY: Recently had a dawning realisation of how serious January is going to be, as well as how much work I have to do, which is being fought against by my thoughts of “You still have another week left” and “You might be able to buy some more CDs soon” and “DON’T PANIC”.

CURRENT REVISION TASKS: Currently doing revision for Science exams — Chemistry mock (which I don’t want to do much revision for since I might use up all the revision material for the real exam in May/June) and REAL EXAMS in Physics & Biology.

MOMENTS OF JOY: Bobbing along to Depeche Mode and Yazoo whilst working on SAM Learning; performing my temporary morning exercise — GANGNAM STYLE; lying exhausted on the floor of my room last night as Jean Michel-Jarre’s therapeutic “Oxygene” washes over me.

GREATEST MOMENT SO FAR: Reading up on the New Year Honours List and seeing Higgs, Quentin Blake and Ewan Mcgregor on it, along with all the Olympic heroes.

BIGGEST MOMENT(S) OF ANNOYANCE SO FAR: Getting a ridiculously low grade on a mini test (thank goodness it was only Electrolysis).

BIGGEST SHOCK SO FAR: Hearing and reading of the scurge of the blasted norovirus; it’s bringing out the germophobe in me.

FINISHING SENTENCE: Keep calm and carry on.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without mince pies (but wouldn’t be Christmas without your M&S either :-D)!

Wink Of A Word

Little Richard and his boogy-woogy rock ‘n’ roll song is the only way to describe the Christmas food of my whole life: mince pies.

The earliest memory I have of mince pies I’m sure many of you have experienced at some point in your childhood: wondering why mince pies are called “mince” pies when we all know what mince is — that squirmy but delicious meat that you slurp on along with your spaghetti in spaghetti bolognese. I was (and still am sometimes) a very inquisitive child.

Mince pies are the flavours of Christmas for me. The mincemeat always has its own unique “tutti frutti” flavour — sweet with a tangy bite, that is made all the better when combined with the crunchy pastry and mellow glace cherry sitting on top with a big red lipped smile. There is always the curiosity as to why it’s brown; it’s more the…

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Even in the face of exams, I still believe that Christmas should not be overlooked or neglected!

Wink Of A Word

December 1st. The beginning of joy, smiles and rosy cheeks. The attic had its first grand opening in quite a while, and giant cardboard box upon giant cardboard box was shakily lowered down onto the landing. These were boxes full of colours, sparkles and memories. These were the Christmas boxes. Boxes that would send children a quiver and make parents edge towards a nervous breakdown. After all, who doesn’t find phone calls to relatives, tediously trying to wrap up the finicky presents and CHRISTMAS SHOPPING to be the sort of thing that makes your face twitch and your eyes tick and your hands shake with stress?

Not me.

Christmas is an enigma: for one month, my feelings of boredom and tiredness of life and its repetitiveness vanish into the frosty air, replaced with karaoke Christmas tunes and red, green and white that activate feelings of happiness within my soul. The…

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An amazingly optimistic post about entering the GCSE years that I just have to reblog!

the highdown one

So I swear I have a good reason for not blogging in absolutely ages, I have been preoccupied with starting year ten and my laptop has been buggered and there has been more drama than I care to deal with. So recently everything has been changing. I have never really been one for change but somehow I have enjoyed the changes that have been going on.

A new key stage meant that our entire year group has been jumbled up, some people in my classes I’ve known for years, others I met for the first time this year. This was the thing I dreaded most about KS4, but in reality it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. All the people I have met have been really nice, there are a few boys who I’m not so keen on but over all I can’t complain about…

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