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St Trinian’s Quiz!

I know that the St Trinian’s films, when you Google them, look as girly as Barbie and Polly Pocket having a dance off with Bratz. But they’re not. They’re fantastic films aimed at both genders. I’ve seen both films many times (although I was a tad disappointed with the sequel; not even David Tennant could keep the film from being a bit…unfunny), and so I’ve created a quiz based on the two films.

Same rules as the last quizzes: comment your answers, I’ll give you your percentage, then I’ll post the answers in the near future. Don’t cheat! Good luck!

  1. Which actor plays BOTH Annabelle’s father and the headmistress?
  2. What’s the name of the headmistress’s dog?
  3. When Annabelle looks outside as she’s being signed up, what vehicle is dragging a student across the field?
  4. What happens at first when the bell rings for the first time in the movie?
  5. What’s the first social group Annabelle meets in the bunk house?
  6. In fury, what does Annabelle smash right into the bust of a man using her hockey stick?
  7. Who plays Jeffrey, the Minister of Education?
  8. Why was Annabelle’s nickname “The Cannibal” at Cheltenham Ladies’ College?
  9. What sports tool do the girls use as a camera to spy on the conversation between Annabelle’s father and the headmistress?
  10. What portrait do the girls want to steal from the National Gallery?
  11. What TV programme do the girls sign up for in order to steal the portrait?
  12. Who presents [Q.11]?
  13. How do the St. Trinian’s girls beat the Eton College students in the semi-final?
  14. Who/What does the Minister of Education accidentally kick into the machinery of a lawnmower?
  15. What’s the answer to the final question in the final of [Q.11]?
  16. True or False: using a telescope was a move mistake in the sequel, since it was being used years before it was invented?
  17. What new social group is introduced in the sequel?
  18. What musical genre/style does a St. Trinian’s student teach to a boys angelic choir?
  19. Who is possessed by a spirit in the graveyard?
  20. When [Q.19]  is brought back to the school, and has a laughing fit while floating Exorcist-style above their bed, a Posh Totty says, “She’s gone Dolce and…what?”
  21. At the end of the film, what historic vessel do the St Trinian’s girls use to chase the villain?
  22. What female pop group has had a major contribution to the films, by singing the theme tune in the first, then having one of their band members feature in the second?
  23. Describe the three hand gestures the Posh Totties make when they say, “Oh — my — God!” [3 points]

Live long and prosper! 😀


Doctor Who Quiz! (Series 4)

Same rules apply as the previous quizzes. Good luck!

  1. Who was lead writer and executive producer of Doctor Who up until David Tennant’s final episode?
  2. Who is the current lead writer and exec. producer of Doctor Who?
  3. In the first episode of the fourth series (with the Adipose), what happens when you aim two active sonic devices at each other?
  4. In that same episode, how do the Doctor and Donna meet?
  5. Where does the Doctor take Donna in the next episode?
  6. Who were the monsters in that same episode?
  7. Which of the Doctor’s assistants returned in the Sontaran episodes?
  8. What is the first thing the Doctor’s Daughter says when she sees the Doctor?
  9. Who are the monsters in The Doctor’s Daughter?
  10. True or False: the actress who plays the Doctor’s Daughter is currently David Tennant’s wife.
  11. Which famous crime writer plays a big part in The Unicorn and the Wasp?
  12. In that same episode, what is the last thing the Doctor needs in order to get rid of the cyanide in his body? (HINT: the first three were ginger beer, protein and salt (although pure salt is too salty).)
  13. Still in that same episode, which person is the murderer?
  14. Who are the monsters in Silence in the Library?
  15. If somebody has been affected by the monsters, what are they most likely to say over and over?
  16. What is the final piece of advice given to the Doctor and Donna by the welcome computer, in order to stay alive?
  17. What’s the name of the library’s main computer?
  18. What is the name of the mysterious woman who is first introduced in Silence in the Library, and appears continuously in further episodes (most recently in the final episode of the previous series, The Wedding of ___ ___).
  19. In the following episode, what is the name of the planet that the plane is flying over (and is also the episode name)?
  20. In the episode after that, at the T-junction, which way did Donna turn, leading to her meeting the Doctor?
  21. When the past is altered, and she turns right, what is on her back throughout the episode?
  22. Which of the Doctor’s assistants constantly appears throughout that same episode?
  23. What two words does the assistant whisper in Donna’s ear as she lies dying on the road?
  24. Which famous Doctor Who villain is brought back for the finale?
  25. What is the Doctor doing in the cliffhanger between the final two episodes, and why?

ASDF Movie Quiz

Just as a one-off, I have composed an easy quiz based on the five awesome YouTube videos! Good luck!

  1. In asdf movie 1, what piece of clothing does one character claim is killing him?
  2. What’s the name of the superhero that appears in asdf movie 1?
  3. What happens when somebody presses the pointless button?
  4. What vegetable is stamped on in asdf movie 1?
  5. What dessert is killed in asdf movie 1?
  6. In asdf movie 2, what does the bully say is written on the ceiling, before stealing the victim’s lungs?
  7. What does one of the characters in the opening scene to asdf movie 2 bake for the other person?
  8. What animal drives a car off a cliff in asdf movie 2?
  9. Who is shown to be trapped on the moon in asdf movie 2, and has no idea as to how they got there?
  10. After the credits in asdf movie 2, what bread-based product does a character almost eat?
  11. Complete the reply to the following quote: “What are you up to, son?”
  12. In asdf movie 3, what does one of the characters mistakenly use thinking it’s a camera?
  13. Complete the quote: “Pfft! Screw ___!”
  14. Complete the quote: “Now, son, don’t touch that ___!”
  15. Why is there a baby on fire in asdf movie 3?
  16. What happens when a character presses his finger on a book in asdf movie 4?
  17. What crushes the host of The Science Show?
  18. Why is a teenager not allowed to skateboard in asdf movie 4?
  19. What piece of food does one character wish to be in asdf movie 4, and it comes true?
  20. What happens to the character who steps out of a time machine in asdf movie 4?
  21. What happens to the character who sarcastically tells somebody, “Nice hat!”
  22. What is apparently the solution to an alien attack in asdf movie 4?
  23. What profession does the girl at the closing sketch to asdf movie 4 aspire to be?
  24. Complete the name of the character from asdf movie 5: ___ Turtle
  25. Complete the quote from asdf movie 5: “You ever get tired of being ___?…Me neither.”

Live long and prosper! 😀

Big Bang Theory Quiz!

I’ve made it a bit harder this time…

  1. While on a driving simulator, name a place Sheldon ends up by accident.
  2. In the same episode, what’s the name of the road both Howard and Penny take Sheldon down, much to his discomfort, because of the speed bumps?
  3. What comic character does Leonard compare Sheldon to when Sheldon practices his smile, just before entering Raj’s office?
  4. During his first ‘date’ with Penny, what does Leonard drop under the table after using it to display centripetal force, causing him to bash his head under the table?
  5. Why does Penny’s new red armchair end up on the street in a Season 5 episode?
  6. In the same episode, who discovers the armchair and carries it into the flat, unaware of the reasons as to why it was there?
  7. What does Sheldon suggest Priya does during her one day in California, during the “go north…you are in a forest” episode?
  8. What evidence does Sheldon give Amy, showing that he’s good at biology?
  9. What Biblical character does Sheldon compare Leonard to after he rebels against Sheldon’s roommate agreement?
  10. What mathematical number can you link a ball pit to via The Big Bang Theory?
  11. What does Bernadette hope her parents mistake the Klingon on the back of her wedding invitations for?
  12. What instrument does Sheldon sometimes use in a cinema to find the ‘acoustic sweet spot’ (apart from his voice)?
  13. And what instrument does Sheldon play to interfere with the creation of Leonard’s differential equation solver app?
  14. What should Sheldon never do walking down the stairs?
  15. And in that same episode, when Penny shouts “I don’t care if Richard Feynman was a purple leprechaun,” what does she forget to use?
  16. What does SHELDON stand for?
  17. What new policy does Penny introduce on the spot at the Cheesecake Factory, preventing Sheldon from getting his meal?
  18. When trying to find a grasshopper, what happens to Sheldon when he goes down the elevator shaft?
  19. What liquid is responsible for the destruction of the elevator?
  20. What two events do the gang add lasers to when performing them?
  21. What do the cleaning ladies find one night on a table in the university cafeteria?
  22. What historical inconsistency did Sheldon show Leonard on a photo in the car while he’s a ‘robot’?
  23. How does Sheldon order his cereals?
  24. What temporal anomaly does Star Trek Sheldon discover at the Renaissance Fair?
  25. When we first see Leonard’s mother, what is she looking at?

Same as before: comment your answers, I’ll tell you your score, then I’ll post the answers ASAP. Please don’t cheat. Just delve through your brain, and you’ll find the answers. Live long and prosper! 😀

NEW Big Bang Theory Quiz Answers

I’m so, so sorry! I should’ve posted these last weekend! Here are the answers to the last Big Bang Theory Quiz. There will be another one in the next couple of days.

  1. Any two from: Raj, Howard’s Mother, Stephen Hawking
  2. “Little” Lalita Gupta
  3. (Peppermint) Schnapps
  4. The Muppets!
  5. Slim Jims
  6. Angelo (it has ‘angel’ and ‘jell-o’ in it)
  7. The Manhattan Project (except for Zazzles, who was named that “cos he’s so…ZAZZY!”)
  8. Dennis Kim
  9. Two of Hearts
  10. By pointing out that Raj is drinking non-alcoholic beer.
  11. A video of a Stephen Hawking lecture while he was at MIT (before he became a creepy computer voice)
  12. The lamb kebab
  13. Penny
  14. Kripke put helium in his office (then played the interview to the university cafeteria)
  15. Sheldon
  16. A huge painting/portrait of the two of them (where Penny looks like a transvestite)
  17. Super Mario Bros. Theme Tune and spaghetti with little hot dogs cut up in it.
  18. Playing doctor…Star Trek style
  19. (In a shed) during a paintball match
  20. Vegas, baby!
  21. He’s locked out of his apartment (he left his keys in the bowl and Penny left her spare key in their apartment)
  22. A laser
  23. Liquid nitrogen (and a hammer)
  24. Loop quantum gravity
  25. Dumbass (accept ‘dummy’)

NEW Big Bang Theory Quiz!

As the long-awaited summer holidays approach, I think now is a good time to re-introduce the Big Bang Theory Quiz! You know the drill (hopefully): comment on what you think the answers to these 25 questions are (WITHOUT CHEATING…or using ‘alternative methods’), then I’ll comment back to you with your percentage, and sometime next weekend I’ll post the answers. If you believe I’ve made a mistake, or I’ve missed out an answer, do not hesitate to tell me. So anyway here it is: a NEW Big Bang Theory Quiz!

  1. Name two people Howard can imitate.
  2. Who does Sheldon relate to as ‘Princess Panchali’ while she dates Raj?
  3. What alcoholic drink does Penny like not just because of the flavour, but because she likes saying the word?
  4. In what film did Jim Parsons (Sheldon) appear as a human puppet?
  5. When Leonard, Raj and Howard get the munchies in the desert, what does Raj use to eat his pudding? (Hint: “Sweety and meaty at the same time!”)
  6. In that same episode, what does Leonard say is the best name?
  7. What scientific group does Sheldon name his cats after (apart from one)?
  8. In Season 1, Sheldon faces competition in the form of a 15 year old Asian boy called…?
  9. When Sheldon takes part in Howard’s card trick, what card does he pick up?
  10. How does Howard stop Raj from succeeding in chatting up Summer Glau on the train?
  11. When Howard and Raj first appear in the Big Bang Theory pilot episode, what do they bring with them?
  12. What Greek takeaway food did Sheldon think tasted of sweat?
  13. Who teaches Leonard’s mother how to drink, when Leonard’s mother visits Leonard unexpectedly for the second time?
  14. How was Sheldon humiliated on a national radio interview?
  15. Who wins the basketball tournament that determines who gets an ex-physicist’s office?
  16. What does Amy give Penny as a GINORMOUS thank you for their friendship together?
  17. When Sheldon goes on his dream date with Amy, what music plays in the background, and what food does she give Sheldon?
  18. In the same episode, at the end, Leonard walks in on Amy and Sheldon doing what?
  19. During what do Leslie Winkle and Howard first kiss each other?
  20. After Leslie dumps Howard, where does Sheldon propose Leonard, Raj and Howard go to?
  21. And what happens to Sheldon in the same episode, while the others are in [the answer to Q.20]?
  22. What does Leslie use to heat up a cup of soup?
  23. What does Leslie use instead of a knife to cut up a banana for her cereal?
  24. Which does Leslie believe in: loop quantum gravity or string theory?
  25. What is Leslie’s nickname for Sheldon?

Good luck, and live long and prosper! 😀

Big Bang Theory (Season 4) Answers

Here are the answers. As usual, calculate the number of answers you got, times it by four, et voila! Your percentage!

  1. Howard was taken to the hospital, where it was turned off by the receptionist.
  2. The great and powerful Woz (AKA. Steve Wozniak)
  3. Sheldon’s mother: Mary Cooper.
  4. George Takei
  5. He pretended to be an Apple Store ‘Genius’ to pick up women.
  6. A forest.
  7. A Thomas the Tank Engine with real puffing smoke (your answer is accepted, rgs97).
  8. New Moon (you only get 1/2 a mark, rgs97. Sorry)
  9. His spot on the sofa
  10. The Miller’s Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer (Both = 1 mark. Title or Author = 1/2 mark)
  11. Fishing on the Wii
  12. Hoo!
  13. The Grand Canyon
  14. Project Nodlehs
  15. The Neutral Zone
  16. Originally, Sheldon was going to play Spock, and Penny Mary Cooper, but Penny tells Sheldon to switch round to get him out of his comfort zone. Then Sheldon adds himself to the novella, and has a nervous breakdown. (Both of you can get a whole mark for your answers)
  17. I’m not insane! My mother had me tested! (I know, it was a bit of a mean, badly-worded question)
  18. Bill Gates
  19. Penny
  20. It has come to my attention that this question was absurdly mean, so despite the fact that my intentional answers to this question were “I’m thinking of getting orthotics.” and “I’m thinking of starting a herb garden.” I’m going to give full marks if you gave the other two pieces of gossip (so both you commenters get full marks).
  21. I’ll accept either Leonard or Priya
  22. An astronaut, when in fact spell checker had changed it from ‘architect’.
  23. person chess
  24. Walk into a contaminated room, so he goes under quarantine.
  25. Raj!

If you have any ideas for what one of my next quizes should be, please comment! 😀

Big Bang Theory Quiz (Season 4)!

Here is another Big Bang Theory Quiz, this time based on (in my opinion) the best season: Season 4!

  1. How was Howard’s robot arm released from its…awkward grasp?
  2. What famous technological “wizard” do the nerds meet at the Cheesecake Factory?
  3. Who manages to get Shamy back together?
  4. What famous Star Trek actor appears in Howard’s daydream about Katee Sackhoff and Bernadette?
  5. Why did Leonard get sent to a “mall jail”?
  6. Whenever Sheldon tried to “go north” in a text game, where did he end up in?
  7. What does Raj tell Sheldon’s he’s got as a present after everybody reveals what mean action they performed to somebody?
  8. What is Raj reading when the FBI agent knocks on his door?
  9. Easy one: What does Sheldon give Howard as an apology for telling on him to the FBI?
  10. When dared to tell a dirty story, what story does Amy Farrah Fowler tell?
  11. What are Leonard and Penny’s dad doing when Penny reveals the truth about her relationship with Leonard?
  12. What is the first thing Amy says to Penny’s ex-boyfriend Zack?
  13. To restrain himself after Leonard lowers the temperature of the flat, Sheldon imagines himself as the Flash running to where to scream in agony?
  14. What project name does Sheldon suggest for Leonard’s differential equation solver app?
  15. What does Leonard call the line between him and Penny when they sleep in the same bed at a spa hotel?
  16. When performing Sheldon’s Star Trek novella he wrote as a child, who plays who?
  17. REALLY EASY ONE: Which of his catchphrases does Sheldon give to President Siebert over the phone when he tells Sheldon that there’s just no point talking to him?
  18. What famous technological millionaire punched Sheldon in the nose after he insulted him?
  19. Who “convinces” (in a VERY violent way) a bully to give Sheldon back his World of Warcraft stuff?
  20. What two pieces of info does Amy give as a control to see which piece of gossip spreads the fastest around the group?
  21. Who uses the flaws in Sheldon’s Roommate Agreement to their advantage?
  22. Who does Bernadette say Penny is going out with when she acts as Penny and Amy’s “spy”?
  23. What game does Sheldon invent in the same episode?
  24. What does Sheldon accidentally do, causing him to end up spending about a week in a hospital room?
  25. When Penny wakes up at the end of Season 4, who is in bed with her?

I’ve tried to make it more easy this time. Good luck, and live long and prosper! 😀

Fred’s Chemistry Quiz Answers!

Well done everyone for your answers! Here are the answers (do please tell me if there is a mistake):
  1. Dmitri
  2. Europium
  3. Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen
  4. Mercury and Bromine
  5. f
  6. Solitaire 
  7. Tetrahedral
  8. Reduction
  9. Carbon and Nitrogen (bonus point: HCN)
  10. Increasing the chain length
  11. It increases
  12. The outer electrons get further away from the nucleus, so they are more easily lost.
  13. (Theeeeerrrrrrreeeeesssssssss) Antimony, Arsenic, Aluminium, Selenium….
  14. German
  15. Rutherfordium
  16. Francium
  17. Three
  18. (s,p,o,c,k) (s,p,d,f,g)
  19. principle (bonus points: sharp, diffuse, fundamental)
  20. Scandium and zinc
  21. Sub-metals (accept metalloids)
  22. Electronics
  23. 2+
  24. Atomos
  25. Indivisible
  26. Hydrogen (or Hydrogen Ion)
  27. Decomposition of hydrogen peroxide
  28. Ethanoic acid
  29. Blindness
  30. Ethanol
For my next quiz, I am planning to do a (hopefully easy) quiz on Season 4 of the Big Bang Theory (in my opinion the best season), so get revising!

Fred’s Chemistry Quiz!

Please do not have a periodic table at hand when doing this quiz, or cheat!

1. What is the first name of the periodic table’s inventor?
2. What is the only Element named after a Continent?
3. What are the four most common elements in the human body?
4. Name the two elements that are liquid at room temperature and pressure (298K/25C, 1atm/101kPa)?
5. Name the orbital that is only partially filled in most actinides and lanthinides?
6. What game was the periodic table supposedly based on?
7. What is the name of the physical structure that Carbon forms when it only has single bonds? (I’m not looking for stuff like Alkanes/Hydrocarbons here, but the name of the 3D shape it forms.)
*8. What form of reaction produces an Alcohol from a Ketone?
9. Cyanide groups in organic chemistry contain which 2 elements? (and bonus point: what is the formula for gaseous Cyanide?)
*10. What is the main use of Cyanide in organic synthesis?
11. What happens to the reactivity when moving down group 2?
12. What is the reason for this trend?
13. What are the first four elements in the periodic table song?
14. Apart from English, what is the most common language for chemistry to be published in?
15. What element is named after a scientist who has also had his name in a that of a science park near Didcot (the location of the Diamond Synchrotron)?
16. What is the last element in group 1?
17. How many sub-shells are there in the 2p orbital?
18. Name the first 5 letters given to orbitals, in the order that they appear (or would appear) in elements (hint: s,p,_,_,_)
19. What does the p in the 2p orbital stand for? (and 4 bonus points if you can say what the other 3 of the first four letters in 18/ stand for!)
*20. What are the first two elements that have a d-orbital but are NOT transition elements?
21. What exists between the metals/transition metals and the non metals in the periodic table?
22. What is the most common use of these elements?
23. What is the charge on most of the ions that cause hard water?
24. What Greek word is Atom derived from?
25. What does this word translate as?
26. What is a proton also known as in Chemistry?
27. What reaction is sped up (catalyzed) by Catalase?
28. What is the proper name for the main component of vinegar? (note NOT acetic acid!)
29. What biological problem does methanol cause?
30. And an easy one to finish: what is the proper name for common alcohol that you find in drinks?

Starred questions are A-Level Qs. But if you are an avid viewer of The Scishow, Bang Goes the Theory, The Secrets of Everything etc, or are an extraordinarily intelligent scientist, then you might know these!

Good luck, and I’ll post the answers in about a week!

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