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The greatest blog I’ve ever seen.

Originally started as a blog to release her feelings about her ex-boyfriend cheating on her, Zoe’s blog has now become chock-a-block with weird but amazingly written posts ranging from book reviews to the epicness of llamas. It contains 165 posts and counting, with no visible signs of stopping.

People from about 15-20 countries (including Lebanon, Lithuania and Hong Kong) have discovered this blog, and some of them are even following it, just to read about Zoe’s ideas and opinions and tales. As her tagline goes, lifesabowlofinnuendos is just Zoe being Zoe!

Have a read of it if you haven’t yet:



This time, by request, it’s Zoe!

The first time I knew about her was in Year 9. Well, EVERYBODY knew about her in my English Class. She was “The-Girl-who-couldn’t-do-paragraphs-for-10kg-of-chocolate.” When we split up into groups, and each had to design a theme park, she was the co-Park Designer. The first thing I learnt about her was that she was a honkingly huge Twilight fan. She has read every book AND the illustrated guide more than once (and has done many other Twilight-based achievements, including a rather long analysis on one of the characters…). ANYBODY who tells her of their extreme dislike of Twilight is met with an unpleasant surprise…

Another nickname for Zoe is “The-Girl-with-the-petrifyingly-scary-laugh” It’s a marmite laugh. Some can bear with it or even like it. Others stay a mile away from her. Others just tell her pleadingly to breath (because she hiccups/honks/suffocates while she laughs).

There are many things that Zoe and I like. Firstly, we both like the Inbetweeners (the only difference is that she’s seen all the episodes, and I haven’t). Second, we like quoting asdf movie (A LOT). Thirdly……….um…………….oh, yeah! We both like writing. And finally, like every other citizen on this spinning ball we call Earth (at least, I hope), chocolate we like! Well, Zoe doesn’t like chocolate. She’s addicted to it. It’s her kryptonite. She lives and breathes on it (mmm…chocolate breath…..I wonder if there’s a machine that could turn carbon dioxide emitted from the mouth into bars of Galaxy…). Hold out a piece of chocolate at her, it will be in her stomach faster than you can say, “Curlywurly with a cherry on top!”

Now, like any author, at this point I would check over what I’ve written. But…ha ha ha! I can’t read!

Hold on, there’s someone at the door. Oh, it’s Mr Smith (oh yeah. Zoe is a MEGA MEGA MEGA MEGA MEGA MEGA MEGA MEGA MEGA Doctor Who fan). Hello, Mr Smith! What do you have for me?

I baked you a pie!

Oh boy! What flavour?

Pie flavour.

[screechingly loud electric guitar note, as a pie pops out of the big pie]

[Door slams shut]

Now, who’s next then?

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