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Big Bang Theory Quote of the Month

In these times of exam pressure and revision stress, 6 o’clock every weekday truly has been a sanctuary for me over the Christmas holiday. So just as a one-off, I’m reviving my Big Bang Theory Quote posts to give a quote that I can’t believe I’ve missed out on, especially since it’s from a particularly interesting episode where we discover just how boldly Howard can go when it comes to dating women.

Howard: Watch this, it’s really cool. Call Leonard Hofstadter.

Howard’s phone: Did you say “Call Helen Boxleitner”?


Howard’s phone: Did you say, “Call Temple Beth Sader“?

Howard: NO. CALL–

Leonard: Here, let me try. Call McFlono McFloonyloo. (He laughs.)

Howard’s phone: Calling Rajesh Koothrappali. (Raj’s eyes widen in disbelief. His phone rings).

Raj: Oh! That’s very impressive…and a little racist.

Live long and prosper! 😀


The Best Christmas Present Ever

It’s five sleeps till Santa! What did you ask for? A napkin? Darn, you spoiled the joke! But even if you haven’t, I think you can guess what this post is all about. Well, it is Christmas. So here is perhaps the greatest Big Bang Theory ending ever:

Just out of the question, who would you want to possess the DNA of? I’d probably say…um……no, I can’t really think of anybody special to me. But can you?

Live long and prosper!

Big Bang Theory Quote of the Week

This is now kind of Big Bang Theory Quote of the Month now, since my last quote was about a month ago. So to mark the occasion, here is a Big Bang Theory quote that is quite strongly linked to said occasion. Enjoy!

Leonard: If she can do it, I can do it. If she can do it, I can do it. If she can do it, I can do it. (Knocks on door) I can’t do it. (Walks off.)

Leslie Winkle: (Opening the door) Hello?

Leonard: (Walking back) Oh, hi. Hey! Hi, Leslie.

Leslie: Leonard Hofstadter! What’re you doing here?

Leonard: Uh, I know! It’s been a while!

Leslie: Yeah, 18 months.

Leonard: Right. Right. So how you doing?

Leslie: Fine. You?

Leonard: Uh, not bad. You remember when we used to have sex and you said that it didn’t mean anything, it was just for fun?

Leslie(Bewildered) Yeah…

Leonard(Stuttering) Uh, do you, uh, want to do that again?

Leslie(Laughing) What happened? Blondie dumped you?

Leonard: She didn’t dump me. We were just in different places in the relationship.

Leslie: Right.

Leonard: Um, anyway, apparently, it’s okay to go back to people you’re no longer seeing and have recreational sex with them.

Leslie: Uh-huh.

Leonard: So, what do you say?

Leslie: Let me think about it! (Slams door.)

Leonard: (Waits a while, and then realises) She’s not coming back. (Walks off.)

Live long and prosper! 😀

In Space Everyone Can Hear You Scream “HOWARD!”

Greetings, fellow life forms! Sorry I haven’t done a post like this in quite a while; I’ve just been spending a lot of my time doing homework and working for my GCSEs. I’ve finally found time to do a post about what I like best, though: The Big Bang Theory!

Here in the UK, the first episode of the sixth season of the Big Bang Theory was broadcast last Thursday. The adverts made them look AMAZING. But I didn’t have high hopes for it; the fifth season had been a bit of a flop (Geeky thought: I blame it on the departure of writer and executive producer Lee Aronshon, who left the series after Season Four), and the final episode I had a hunch would be forever known as the point when Big Bang Theory not just jumped the shark, but rocketed-into-the-sky-and-dived-back-down-over the shark.

The series had changed from a silly little group of programmes about four hopeless geeks trying but failing to communicate with the new species of life form known as women, to unusually sociable and knowledgeable geeks spending most of their time comfortably around women (whom one has even married), watching one of their group members blasting off into space. To paraphrase the late Neil Armstrong, “That’s one small step for man, one ludricously giant leap for devoted Big Bang Theory fans.”

The opening episodes for the first four seasons were PRETTY GOOD. We were introduced to the gang through a geniusly funny script and plot; we learned of what happens when you give Sheldon a glass of warm milk containing Valium (“I’m Batman. Shhh!”); we saw Howard look like a Chuckle Brother with his new moustache; and best of all, we saw Howard getting uncomfortable with his recently acquired robot hand, whilst Penny gets a grilling from Sheldon and Amy!

Season five was alright. The opening scene was nicely done with the “thinking cap” moment, and who can ever forget the line that won Sheldon’s team the Paintballing Cup: “Geology isn’t a real science!” But the sixth season opening episode left me mostly unimpressed. Sheldon had grown his hair into a side parting, smiled for most of the episode and even displayed a new-found affection towards women through his romantic speech taken from Spider Man (despite the fact that he’s supposed to be a condescending, annoying geek); Raj has lost his cute, naive touch that made him my favourite of the geeks, and the sketches featuring Howard and Bernadette are getting a bit tiresome. The moments with Leonard and Penny were alright, and the Bossa Nova moment between Raj and Stuart was…um…fascinating.

However, I haven’t completely given up hope with the Big Bang Theory. They have always made me smile. They have always made me laugh. They have always made me feel warm inside. No matter how many episodes I see. I like to think that watching an episode a day keeps the stress away! Also, Big Bang Theory seems to have the most luck with the second episode of each season: in them, there was the “Gravity” quote, Leslie Winkle dating Howard whilst Sheldon sits on the stairs playing Super Mario 64, the genius “Grasshopper” episode, Shel-bot, and Penny’s new armchair.

But anywho, I’m back! And so are my extremely long blog posts, it seems. Big Bang Theory is back too, and I mustn’t lose hope in my favourite sitcom that has rarely failed to put a smile on my face.

Live long and prosper! And may the force be with you! 😀

Big Bang Theory Quote of the Week!

I’m starting to run a little short on BBT quotes at the moment. I might have to resort to other things…

However, it won’t happen in the near future, because my next few quotes are going to be from The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem: an interesting episode, and not one of the best in my opinion, but it’s still packed full of fodder for geeky guys and gals. Take this week’s quote for example, which explains how Homo Novus’s like Sheldon reproduce…

Sheldon: More Pad Thai, please.

Howard: Sheldon, you’ve already had four servings.

Raj: You might want to slow down a bit, buddy.

Sheldon: Just one more bite. (He chomps a prawn, gulps, then starts to shudder uncontrollably, placing the Pad Thai on the table before him.)

Leonard: Sheldon? Sheldon, are you okay?

Sheldon: I’m just so… full.

(Sheldon begins to shake uncontrollably, then expand, then a second Sheldon separates from the original Sheldon and ends up sitting next to him. Leonard wakes up in bed with a start.)

Leonard: That’s it. No more Thai food.

That’s right. The great Homo Novus reproduces through the same way our body cells reproduce: mitosis! As to why Pad Thai stimulates this is anybody’s guess…

Live long and prosper! 😀

Big Bang Theory Quote of the Week

Geeks of the World. Geeks United. Geek Gangs. And any other organization that involves the word “Geek”. I give you the ultimate insults to give to your fellow men. Such men as geologists: the only people who are glad when others take their work for granite. Bah-dum-cha!

Or alternatively, you could try the steroid-addicted Kurts of the world. Just one word of warning: if you’re going to wear a Doppler Effect costume to a party, make sure you tell everybody you’re a zebra! Enjoy.

Leonard: That’s Penny’s ex-boyfriend.

Sheldon: What do you suppose he’s doing here? Besides disrupting the local gravity field.

Leonard: If he were any bigger, he’d have moons orbiting him.

Sheldon: Oh, snap!


Penny: Oh, hey guys. You having a good time?

Sheldon: Given the reaction to my costume, this party is a scathing indictment of the American education system.

Kurt: What, you’re a zebra, right?

Sheldon: Yet another child left behind.

Even later…

Leonard: Okay, I understand your impulse to try to physically intimidate me. I mean, you can’t compete with me on an intellectual level and so you’re driven to animalistic puffery.

Kurt: Are you calling me a puffy animal?

Penny: Of course not, no, he’s not, you’re not, right Leonard?

Leonard: No, I said animalistic. Of course we’re all animals, but some of us have climbed a little higher on the evolutionary tree.

Sheldon: If he understands that, you’re in trouble.

Kurt: So what, I’m unevolved?

Sheldon: You’re in trouble.

Even more later…

Leonard: I’m not a dwarf, I’m a Hobbit. A Hobbit. Are misfiring neurons in your hippocampus preventing the conversion from short-term to long-term memory?

Kurt: Okay, now you’re starting to make me mad.

Leonard: A homo-habilus discovering his opposable thumbs says what?

Kurt: What?

Leonard: I think I’ve made my point.

Kurt: Yeah, how about I make a point out of your pointy little head.

Sheldon: Let me remind you, while my moral support is absolute, in a physical confrontation I will be less than useless.

Leonard: There’s not going to be a confrontation, in fact I doubt if he can even spell confrontation.

Kurt(physically lifting Leonard from the ground): C – O – N… frontation!

One last tip: if somebody comes to a party wearing a green outfit and pointed hat with a red feather, don’t assume that they’re Peter Pan, cos he’s not the only person who wears a green costume…

Live long and prosper! 😀

Big Bang Theory Quote of the Week!

This week’s quote is from the legendary episode The Pants Alternative: a real cracker of an episode. You can probably guess from the episode title why. Also in the episode, we see Sheldon look astonishingly smart in a suit, turn a psychotherapy session with Leonard around, and ruin a perfectly good meditation lesson with Raj…

Raj: Okay, Sheldon. I’m going to be leading you through a series of meditation exercises. These methods come from the ancient gurus of India and have helped me overcome my own fears.

Sheldon: And yet, you can’t speak to women.

Raj: True, but thanks to meditation, I am able to stay in the same room with them without urinating. Now, close your eyes.

Sheldon: Okay, but don’t punch me.

Raj: What?

Sheldon: When I was little, my sister would say to me, “Close your eyes, you’ll get a surprise.” And then she’d punch me.

Raj: I’m not going to punch you.

Sheldon: That’s what my sister used to say.

Raj: Do you want to do this or not?

Sheldon: I’m sorry. Proceed.

Raj: All right. Imagine yourself in the one place you feel most at home. Where is that?

Sheldon: Sim City. More specifically, the Sim City I designed: Sheldonopolis.

Raj: Okay, you’re in Sheldonopolis.

Sheldon: Where exactly? Sheldon Square? Sheldon Towers? Sheldon Stadium, home of the Fighting Sheldons?

Raj: Whatever you like.

Sheldon: I thought this was supposed to be a guided meditation.

Raj: Fine. You’re in Sheldon Square.

Sheldon: Really? This time of year? It’s a bit nippy.

Raj: Then, put on a sweater.

Sheldon: I suppose I could run downtown and pick up something at Shel-Mart.

Raj: Yeah, whatever. Just go buy a sweater.

Sheldon: You know, the nice thing about Shel-Mart is I own it, so I get a 15% discount.

Raj: You own the damn thing. Just take a freaking sweater!

Sheldon: Look, I didn’t turn a profit last quarter by taking products off the shelves willy-nilly!

Raj: All right. You’ve paid for a sweater, and you’re in Sheldon Square.

Sheldon: Hang on. (He does up invisible buttons down his t-shirt.) It’s a cardigan. I have to button it…Oh no!

Raj: What now?

Sheldon: A Godzilla-like monster is approaching the city. I have to get my people to safety. PEOPLE OF SHELDONOPOLIS! THIS IS YOUR MAYOR! FOLLOW ME! IF THE CHILDREN CAN’T RUN, LEAVE THEM BEHIND! Oh, the simulated horror! (Sound of door slamming) …Raj?……Just as I suspected. Meditation is nothing but hokum.

Live long and prosper! 😀

Happy Birthday Raj!

Today’s Saturday 6th October. It’s a special day. Why? I quote Series 4 Episode 18 (The Prestidigitation Approximation……no, thankfully I didn’t remember this; I looked it up):

Howard: Remind me, what’s your birthday?

Raj: October sixth.

Howard: Okay, October is the tenth month. So ten, one plus zero is one, plus six is seven. Turn over the seventh card.

Raj: How about that!

Howard: Is that your card?

Raj: Yes, it is. Very cool!

Sheldon: It’s not cool. It’s a childish trick designed to confuse and intrigue simpletons……How’d you do it?

Howard: A magician never reveals his secrets. But surely a future Nobel prize winner can figure it out.

Sheldon: Fine. Give me a second. (Starts to think.)

Howard: You ever notice when he thinks real hard, it smells like bacon?

Raj deserves far more credit than he gets at the moment. Sure, his personality went a bit cliche in the last season, what with the writers heavily focusing on his “metrosexual” side, but before then he was so charming and lovable. His heart-breaking Bambi-eyes as he squeaks a “Sorry” to Penny after his arrogant behaviour at the People press conference; his horrified look as he accidentally kisses Howard instead of Bernadette (the actor, Kunal Nayyar, later commented in an interview how Howard’s moustache clung to him like velcro); his oddly proud grin as he strips down to the full monty in a cafe while under the influence of experimental drugs; and the internet kissing scene……Ohhhhhhh……The one scene that creates longer cringing ripples than Leonard’s “pop, sparkle and buzz” method to pick up women.

Happy probably-although-I’m-not-entirely-sure 31st birthday, Raj! Live long and prosper! 😀 + Big Bang Theory = NERDVANA

If you are wanting to buy a Big Bang Theory t-shirt, and you think that limits you to US geeky t-shirt suppliers like ThinkGeek, think again! has got hoardes of Big Bang Theory t-shirts that left me giggling geekily. Here’s just some of the t-shirts you can find on this amazing site, aside from the dozens of “Bazinga” t-shirts, “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock” t-shirts, t-shirts that take ages to dispatch, and t-shirts that didn’t catch my eye.

  1. I found two “73” t-shirts, with similar designs to the one Sheldon wears. Why? Because 73 is the Chuck Norris of numbers!
  2. They have a t-shirt with the “Infinite Sheldon” card on it! The sight of it will definitely give you a geek attack. Don’t believe me? Look it up!
  3. A t-shirt with a hairy ape on it, a quote underneath saying, “A Homo Habilus discovering his opposable thumbs says what…?”: the best insult to say to a not-intelligent person…like Sheldon’s steroid-addled ex-boyfriend Kurt, for example.
  4. A t-shirt with a pair of headphones and the quote, “Sheldor is [back] online.” (“Sheldor?” “The conqueror.”) Unfortunately, I didn’t find one with OIC/Oh I See.
  5. A t-shirt with a picture of Sheldon glaring, with the quote, “I have informed you thusly.” Nett!
  6. “There’s a fine line between wrong and visionary. Unfortunately, you have to be a visionary to see it.” I don’t remember where that quote comes from…
  7. The AA t-shirt! No, not that AA; it means Army Ants. Unfortunately, it’s red. But if you don’t believe in Star Trek superstition, you’ll be fine. (Star Wars Trek joke)
  8. A plain and simple t-shirt with chunky text saying, “Don’t you think I were wrong I’d know it?”
  9. There are several different designs of t-shirt saying my all-time favourite trademark quote: “I’m not insane. My mother had me tested.”
  10. Finally, there’s a t-shirt with the apartment’s flag held upside down: a gold lion rampant on a field of azure…held upside down. DANGER ALERT! DANGER ALERT! THE ELEVATOR’S ABOUT TO BLOW UP! truly is nerdvana. Fact.

Live long and prosper! 😀

(N.B: These are just a handful of the Big Bang Theory t-shirts you can find on Amazon. You can also find Soft Kitty t-shirts and merchandise; t-shirts Sheldon wears, such as the one with the melting Rubik’s cube; some with the quote “Sheldon: one lab accident away from becoming a super villain”; and many more! Do have a look.)

Big Bang Theory Quote of the Week!

Sorry I didn’t do this last week. I was otherwise engaged. This quote comes from the 50th Big Bang Theory episode, and it features the ONE LINE that you should start every “Guide To…” book with. You probably know which line I’m talking about. Enjoy!

Sheldon: Now, remember, Newton realized that Aristotle was wrong and force was not necessary to maintain motion. So let’s plug in our 9.8 meters per second squared as A and we get force, Earth gravity, equals mass times 9.8 meters per second per second. So we can see that MA equals MG and what do we know from this?

Penny: Uh…we know that… Newton was a really smart cookie. Oh! Is that where Fig Newtons come from?

Sheldon: No, Fig Newtons are named after a small town in Massachusetts. (Penny starts to write) No, don’t write that down!

Penny: Sorry.

Sheldon: Now, if MA equals MG, what does that imply?

Penny: I don’t know.

Sheldon: How can you not know? I just told you! Have you suffered a recent blow to the head?

Penny: Hey! You don’t have to be so mean!

Sheldon: I’m sorry. (Smiling like the Joker) Have you suffered a recent blow to the head?

Penny: No. You just suck at teaching.

Sheldon: Really? Of those two explanations, which one seems the most likely?

Penny: Oh, God. Sheldon, look I’m trying to understand, but you’re going too fast. Can you just back up a little bit?

Sheldon: All right. (Sits down) It’s a warm summer evening in ancient Greece…

Penny: Not that far back!

Sheldon: Okay! At what point did you begin to feel lost?

Penny: I don’t know. (Looks back through her notepad) Where were we looking up at the night sky?

Sheldon: Greece.

Penny: Damnit!

Live long and prosper! 😀

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