For those who want to see just how big an essay I can write on a blog, or who want to learn of the history of synthesizers and synthpop, have a read! Same goes to fans of Star Trek, Doctor Who and just about anything to do with electronic music.

Wink Of A Word

When machines took over music, they took over well. What began as two cramped little rooms in the BBC Maida Vale studios running on a budget of £2000 quickly became one of the BBC’s most cherished creations and, eventually, one of the most highly acclaimed electronic music studios in the world: the BBC Radiophonics Workshop, run by the unsung synth pioneers Daphne Oram and Desmond Briscoe, the former of which first came to the BBC as a Sound Engineer. With the extraordinary Oramics synthesizer, the workshop began a simple life, making sound effects for shows such as the legendary “Goon Show”. But then came the highlight of the workshop’s existence, when Delia Derbyshire and Ron Grainer collaborated to compose one of history’s most instantly recognisable yet chilling and skin-crawling tunes: the Doctor Who theme tune — arguably the greatest of all the versions that were released over the years. The…

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