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Wink of a Word

I would like to thank you all for your support of my blog. You have coped with my Big Bang Theory obsession, my tendency to create blog posts as long as essays, and my blog posts that I should have known were just too depressing to put on this cheery little blog (after all, the name of this blog was the brainchild of Ben from Outnumbered on a double espresso caffeine rush). So if you are bored with my casual, Big Bang Theory-obsessed posts that are created just for the halibut — sorry, hell of it — I have resolved the problem…by creating a new blog!

Wink of a Word ( has no posts at the moment, but in the future I hope to fill it with stories, reviews, educational posts (perhaps history-based) and a wide range of posts that I hope to be long but interesting and important. Well, not really important but just with less explicit and constant attempts at humour. I’m looking forward to posting on my new blog, even though it will mean that I will have to be more self-restrained in my blogging, and I will have to change my blogging style a little.

Zingy Zangy Zongy shall exist, don’t worry! But if I don’t blog on here for a while, it will either be because of school-based or GCSE-based trouble, I don’t feel like it, or I am on my new blog. I will continue to blog on here often, but I would appreciate it if you could support me with my new blog as well!

Live long and prosper!


CHALLENGE: Create an A-Z of Bands/Artists

Any body or blogger who happens to see this page: follow the instruction in the title! Or, alternatively, you can do an A-Z of ANYTHING (e.g. films/songs). Here’s mine:



Curiosity Killed The Cat

Depeche Mode


Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Girls Aloud

Human League

(The) Icicle Works

Jean Michel-Jarre



Martha & the Muffins

New Order

Owl City

Pet Shop Boys


(The) Rolling Stones

Status Quo

The The



(The) Who




Now it’s your turn. Live long and prosper!

Favourite Songs of the Week!

  1. The Original Doctor Who Theme – The BBC Radiophonic Workshop
  2. Hip Hop Be Bop – Man Parrish
  3. Party Fears Two – The Associates
  4. Dreaming Of Me – Depeche Mode
  5. I Ran (So Far Away) – A Flock Of Seagulls

Ode to the Brain

Zombie food.

You are so complicated

So complex

So perplexing

Not even the supercomputer giants that are IBM

Can replicate a machine like you.

Thing that makes us human.

You give us personality




You develop and grow and squirm

In a jar that is our skull.

Fascinating object.

You watch over our bodies

And you watch over the world

You tell us to do the wrong thing

When we eat a fiery hot chilli.

Brown lumpy baby.

You learn every day.

You learn of electricity



And crusts

That make your hair go curly.

Human jukebox.

You can drive us insane

With Gangnam Style

Or Monty Python.

Or The Cheeky Girls

Why must you keep these torturing memories

Just to drive us up the wall?


How do you even store our memories?

Does memory even exist?

Does consciousness?

Does knowledge?

Why must you hide away all your secrets to scientists?

And why do you not even tell use how you work?

Us, without whom you’d be nothing.

Brains, may you live long and prosper!

Big Bang Theory Quote of the Week

This is now kind of Big Bang Theory Quote of the Month now, since my last quote was about a month ago. So to mark the occasion, here is a Big Bang Theory quote that is quite strongly linked to said occasion. Enjoy!

Leonard: If she can do it, I can do it. If she can do it, I can do it. If she can do it, I can do it. (Knocks on door) I can’t do it. (Walks off.)

Leslie Winkle: (Opening the door) Hello?

Leonard: (Walking back) Oh, hi. Hey! Hi, Leslie.

Leslie: Leonard Hofstadter! What’re you doing here?

Leonard: Uh, I know! It’s been a while!

Leslie: Yeah, 18 months.

Leonard: Right. Right. So how you doing?

Leslie: Fine. You?

Leonard: Uh, not bad. You remember when we used to have sex and you said that it didn’t mean anything, it was just for fun?

Leslie(Bewildered) Yeah…

Leonard(Stuttering) Uh, do you, uh, want to do that again?

Leslie(Laughing) What happened? Blondie dumped you?

Leonard: She didn’t dump me. We were just in different places in the relationship.

Leslie: Right.

Leonard: Um, anyway, apparently, it’s okay to go back to people you’re no longer seeing and have recreational sex with them.

Leslie: Uh-huh.

Leonard: So, what do you say?

Leslie: Let me think about it! (Slams door.)

Leonard: (Waits a while, and then realises) She’s not coming back. (Walks off.)

Live long and prosper! 😀

Favourite Songs of the Week!

  1. Moskow Diskow – Telex
  2. John Wayne is Big Leggy – Haysi Fantayzee
  3. That’s The Way (I Like It) – Dead Or Alive
  4. Living On The Ceiling – Blancmange
  5. Glittering Prize – Simple Minds

In Space Everyone Can Hear You Scream “HOWARD!”

Greetings, fellow life forms! Sorry I haven’t done a post like this in quite a while; I’ve just been spending a lot of my time doing homework and working for my GCSEs. I’ve finally found time to do a post about what I like best, though: The Big Bang Theory!

Here in the UK, the first episode of the sixth season of the Big Bang Theory was broadcast last Thursday. The adverts made them look AMAZING. But I didn’t have high hopes for it; the fifth season had been a bit of a flop (Geeky thought: I blame it on the departure of writer and executive producer Lee Aronshon, who left the series after Season Four), and the final episode I had a hunch would be forever known as the point when Big Bang Theory not just jumped the shark, but rocketed-into-the-sky-and-dived-back-down-over the shark.

The series had changed from a silly little group of programmes about four hopeless geeks trying but failing to communicate with the new species of life form known as women, to unusually sociable and knowledgeable geeks spending most of their time comfortably around women (whom one has even married), watching one of their group members blasting off into space. To paraphrase the late Neil Armstrong, “That’s one small step for man, one ludricously giant leap for devoted Big Bang Theory fans.”

The opening episodes for the first four seasons were PRETTY GOOD. We were introduced to the gang through a geniusly funny script and plot; we learned of what happens when you give Sheldon a glass of warm milk containing Valium (“I’m Batman. Shhh!”); we saw Howard look like a Chuckle Brother with his new moustache; and best of all, we saw Howard getting uncomfortable with his recently acquired robot hand, whilst Penny gets a grilling from Sheldon and Amy!

Season five was alright. The opening scene was nicely done with the “thinking cap” moment, and who can ever forget the line that won Sheldon’s team the Paintballing Cup: “Geology isn’t a real science!” But the sixth season opening episode left me mostly unimpressed. Sheldon had grown his hair into a side parting, smiled for most of the episode and even displayed a new-found affection towards women through his romantic speech taken from Spider Man (despite the fact that he’s supposed to be a condescending, annoying geek); Raj has lost his cute, naive touch that made him my favourite of the geeks, and the sketches featuring Howard and Bernadette are getting a bit tiresome. The moments with Leonard and Penny were alright, and the Bossa Nova moment between Raj and Stuart was…um…fascinating.

However, I haven’t completely given up hope with the Big Bang Theory. They have always made me smile. They have always made me laugh. They have always made me feel warm inside. No matter how many episodes I see. I like to think that watching an episode a day keeps the stress away! Also, Big Bang Theory seems to have the most luck with the second episode of each season: in them, there was the “Gravity” quote, Leslie Winkle dating Howard whilst Sheldon sits on the stairs playing Super Mario 64, the genius “Grasshopper” episode, Shel-bot, and Penny’s new armchair.

But anywho, I’m back! And so are my extremely long blog posts, it seems. Big Bang Theory is back too, and I mustn’t lose hope in my favourite sitcom that has rarely failed to put a smile on my face.

Live long and prosper! And may the force be with you! 😀

Favourite Songs of the Week!

This week, we explore the kooky side to the 80s…

  1. O Superman – Laurie Anderson (NUMERO UNO on this list)
  2. Drowning in Berlin – Mobiles (For some reason, this song features a circus organ…)
  3. Beat Box – The Art of Noise (An incomprehensive assortment of sounds creating some interestingly genius mumbo-jumbo.)
  4. Da Da Da (I Don’t Love You You Don’t Love Me Aha Aha Aha) – Trio (Follows a similar technique to Gangnam Style – a super-catchy tune set to lyrics that only briefly uses English, but it doesn’t matter. Also follows the Number One rule of Eurovision: if you run out of ideas for the lyrics, don’t use actual words!)
  5. I Want To Break Free – Queen (Don’t think this is kooky? Take one look at the video and the penny will inevitably drop.)

Favourite Songs of the (Half Term) Week!

  1. Vienna – Ultravox
  2. New Life – Depeche Mode
  3. Einstein-a-Go-Go – Landscape
  4. (Feels Like) Heaven – Fiction Factory
  5. The First Picture Of You – Lotus Eaters

I’m A Student…Get Me Out of Here!

Five days. Five days spent this half term with my heart pounding overtime, my blood pumping adrenaline, and my sanity edging closer and closer to a nervous breakdown. On my list of horribly stress-infused days, those five days come right after the nightmare that was Exam Week in June. Every morning when I woke up, I longed to stall for time and play on Professor Layton, but colleges and universities were calling, and so was my work-loving lobe.

I did three homeworks in one day on Saturday; on Monday, my sweat ducts were on panic mode as I fiddled exhaustively with pipe cleaners and tried to stick them into my sketchbook and close it without the pipe cleaners coming apart; Wednesday was background refinement and compositional formats; and Friday was mock up day, which I worked on late into the twilight hours, and it still wasn’t finished. Today was the fifth. Technically, I should be typing up the transcript(s) to my German Speaking Test, but I’ve figured that I have plenty of time to do that, and so I’m typing this post.

But I’m sane. I survived. On Monday, I thought I’d never be ready to start my final piece as soon as I get back to school, what with all the work I still had to do. But now I think I can. And it was thanks to an external source that I was able to keep my marbles safe. No, not Big Bang Theory (in fact, come to think of it, I’ve probably spent an entire week without seeing a single episode); music.

Half term truly was musical mayhem: a whole week of headbanging to Queen ’til I’m seriously discombobulated (I can’t do that now, unfortunately: I’ve just had a haircut); working into the late hours as the soothing synthesiser on Human League’s Together in Electric Dreams soothes my brain like a lullaby; and wondering when my Depeche Mode CD will ever turn up. I discovered more bands to feed my mega-80s-crave. I lay shattered in bed, Jean Michel Jarre’s Equinoxe washing over me like waves on a beach. And I thanked the world for the music, the songs that I’m singing. Thanks for all the joy they’re bringing. Who could live without it? I ask in all honesty, what would life be? Without a song or a dance, what are we? So I say thank you for the music, for giving it to me.

Hmm…Something tells me that those lyrics could work miracles in E Flat…

Live long and prosper! 😀

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