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The Doctor Hates Endings

In fact, we ALL hate endings, don’t we! There are some of us with no self-restraint who have a sneaky peek at the final paragraph of a book (which, if you were reading Catching Fire, would result in a MAJOR MINDBLOW); some get hooked to the book they’re reading because they’re impatient to find out how it ends; and then there are the remote few who rip the final page out and leave it in a hamper in New York, only to find that it is perhaps the most valuable page of their life.

Yes, for those of you who saw Steven Moffat’s episode epic worthy of being a Hollywood blockbuster yesterday, this is what this post is referring to. If, for some reason, you have been hiding in a cave yesterday (or sitting out the back on a suitcase, waiting for your Raggedy Doctor to return), then I should warn you that this post contains SPOILERS. Right from the onset.


Yes. That’s right. The Statue of Liberty is a gimassive monster statue with screaming eyes and fangs, hands so big that they could crush a skyscraper to rubble.

The prologue of the episode was genius. The disappearing statues. The roaring stone angels. The little girl mimicking the angel’s weeping peek-a-boo hands. The red velvet corridor. The room that shows you your future; your DEATH. Running up the staircase. Standing on the roof.

What the?

Oh my God.


Cut to a wide shot of the Statue of Liberty towering over the skyscraper, its fanged jaws screaming and its piercing eyes glaring.

My heart did not stop pounding throughout the episode. I was close to having a cardiac arrest when the “EEEEEOOOOOWWWWW” sounded and the titles played.

I had been impressed by the previous episode’s use of seamlessly stitching together elements of fear, humour and sadness. But this time, Steven Moffat showed Chris Chibnall how the professionals really do it. Who would’ve known that a trip to get some coffees could result in so much danger and disaster?

The episode was a riot. A rollicking, rolling riot. I could write a whole essay as to why it was so brilliant. But I won’t, since even I can sympathise with being a bit put off by an essay on a blog. So here are the three main reasons why this was perhaps the greatest Doctor Who episode this millenium:

  1. The Room of Death. (*Spoilers*) Rory’s death.
  2. The Statue of Liberty.
  3. The Gravestone.

To paraphrase Eurythmics, sweet dreams are NOT made of episodes like this!

Glue back together the torn heart strings, and live long and prosper.


No Rest For the Wicked…or the Innocent Student

As soon as you get back to school after the summer holidays in primary school, they usually ask you to talk or write about what you did over the summer. Once you get to secondary school, it all changes. But they cut you some slack with the homework. I remember the first homeworks I got on my first day in Year 7: create a “Poster all about Me” for PHSE, and decorate the front cover of my French book with images related to France (I chose images of croissants, Asterix & Obelix, Mr Bean’s Holiday, the Eiffel Tower and croissants).

However, once you get to KS4, there’s no mercy for you when it comes to homework. The first two days back at school, I got four homeworks: write a paragraph on pocket money and learn vocabulary for German; find a way of recording time passing for Fine Art (how would YOU do this?); draw a scaled drawing where a school building is the opposite side of a right angle triangle, and from this work out its height; and bring in a newspaper article about fertility treatment for Philosophy & Ethics.

The stream of homeworks was continuous over the past three or so weeks, so much so that I didn’t get much chance to do many posts. I did get the occasional day of freedom without any homework or revision, where I could play blasts from the past on Spotify and start typing a new blog post, but they were rare.

I’ve also just come out of a Science ISA. (I’ll wait for you to stop singing. Done? Okay dokey, moving on.) Yes. We had a test lasting over three weeks, which counted towards my GCSEs…on my first term back to school. I’ve survived it, and I think I survived it well, but still: the teachers are a bunch of MEANIES. Especially since there are more tests to come: GCSE History coursework, a German speaking test..and a whole hoarde of exams in January that demands most unseasonly revision over the Christmas holidays.

But I must not face these upcoming hurdles with blubbering butterflies in my stomach; I must follow the philosophies of old and new: Don’t Panic; Keep Calm and Carry On; Embrace the chaos; and remember that even when it seems bad it’s always for the best.

Live long and prosper! 😀


An amazingly optimistic post about entering the GCSE years that I just have to reblog!

the highdown one

So I swear I have a good reason for not blogging in absolutely ages, I have been preoccupied with starting year ten and my laptop has been buggered and there has been more drama than I care to deal with. So recently everything has been changing. I have never really been one for change but somehow I have enjoyed the changes that have been going on.

A new key stage meant that our entire year group has been jumbled up, some people in my classes I’ve known for years, others I met for the first time this year. This was the thing I dreaded most about KS4, but in reality it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. All the people I have met have been really nice, there are a few boys who I’m not so keen on but over all I can’t complain about…

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Favourite Songs of the Week!

  1. Your Silent Face – New Order
  2. Downside Up – The Rah Band
  3. I’ve Been Waitin’ For Tomorrow (All Of My Life) – The The
  4. Open Your Heart – The Human League
  5. Our Lips Are Sealed – Fun Boy Three

St Trinian’s Quiz!

I know that the St Trinian’s films, when you Google them, look as girly as Barbie and Polly Pocket having a dance off with Bratz. But they’re not. They’re fantastic films aimed at both genders. I’ve seen both films many times (although I was a tad disappointed with the sequel; not even David Tennant could keep the film from being a bit…unfunny), and so I’ve created a quiz based on the two films.

Same rules as the last quizzes: comment your answers, I’ll give you your percentage, then I’ll post the answers in the near future. Don’t cheat! Good luck!

  1. Which actor plays BOTH Annabelle’s father and the headmistress?
  2. What’s the name of the headmistress’s dog?
  3. When Annabelle looks outside as she’s being signed up, what vehicle is dragging a student across the field?
  4. What happens at first when the bell rings for the first time in the movie?
  5. What’s the first social group Annabelle meets in the bunk house?
  6. In fury, what does Annabelle smash right into the bust of a man using her hockey stick?
  7. Who plays Jeffrey, the Minister of Education?
  8. Why was Annabelle’s nickname “The Cannibal” at Cheltenham Ladies’ College?
  9. What sports tool do the girls use as a camera to spy on the conversation between Annabelle’s father and the headmistress?
  10. What portrait do the girls want to steal from the National Gallery?
  11. What TV programme do the girls sign up for in order to steal the portrait?
  12. Who presents [Q.11]?
  13. How do the St. Trinian’s girls beat the Eton College students in the semi-final?
  14. Who/What does the Minister of Education accidentally kick into the machinery of a lawnmower?
  15. What’s the answer to the final question in the final of [Q.11]?
  16. True or False: using a telescope was a move mistake in the sequel, since it was being used years before it was invented?
  17. What new social group is introduced in the sequel?
  18. What musical genre/style does a St. Trinian’s student teach to a boys angelic choir?
  19. Who is possessed by a spirit in the graveyard?
  20. When [Q.19]  is brought back to the school, and has a laughing fit while floating Exorcist-style above their bed, a Posh Totty says, “She’s gone Dolce and…what?”
  21. At the end of the film, what historic vessel do the St Trinian’s girls use to chase the villain?
  22. What female pop group has had a major contribution to the films, by singing the theme tune in the first, then having one of their band members feature in the second?
  23. Describe the three hand gestures the Posh Totties make when they say, “Oh — my — God!” [3 points]

Live long and prosper! 😀


FINALLY found a break amongst all the homework and procrastinating on my new iPod touch to blog again!

This is just a brief post (I hope) on my one true obsession that I’ve had since I first had teeth. For some, it’s chocolate. For others, it’s sweets, like Tic Tacs or humbugs. But my krytonite has always been Twiglets. If I stick two in my mouth and walk into another room, the bowl of Twiglets will be pulling me in like bait on a fishing rod as soon as they’re going down my throat.

They’re crunchy. They’re coated with Marmite. And they don’t half stain your fingers. But it tastes so ridiculously nice.  I can’t think of a single word to describe how Marmite, and Twiglets for that matter, taste. I’ll try a hyphenated one: richly-thickly-sweetly-smoothly-so-out-of-this-world-it’s-bordering-on-extra-terrestrial! Yup, that’ll do.

Some people go crazy without their obsession. I don’t with Twiglets. But if you walk back into a room where you had recently put a bowl of Twiglets on the table, and find that it has been mysteriously emptied, you can be rest assured that that was me!

Kryptonite. We all have one. They drive us insane when we get a craving for it, but at the same time eating them is the only way to keep us sane. Our addictions are as complex as a double bill of Inception and The Matrix Revolutions.

But they’re just so damn delicious! 😀

Favourite Songs of the Week!

  1. Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick – Ian Drury
  2. Oliver’s Army – Elvis Costello & The Attractions
  3. Ghost Town – The Specials
  4. Enola Gay – OMD (Orchestral Manoeuveres in the Dark)
  5. It Must Be Love – Madness

Big Bang Theory Quote of the Week!

A truly memorable scene, with plenty of quotes for Big Bang Theory fans to feast on. Enjoy!

Howard: C’mon! At the very least, when she [Penny] found out Leonard was upset about it, she should’ve backed off.

Raj: (angrily) You mean like when a guy’s upset because his friend agreed to take a cooking class with him and then doesn’t show up because he’s doing a juice fast with his mother?

Howard: I didn’t know you were upset about that.

Raj: Really! Did you miss all the subtle indicators, like me saying, “Howard, I am upset!”

Howard: Okay, sorry.

Raj: Maybe it means something different in this country. Back in India, it means you’re upset with a guy named Howard!

Howard: I said I’m sorry.

Raj: Sorry doesn’t make up for the fact that I had to make chicken and rice with this vegan guy. Do you know what vegan chicken and rice is? Rice!

Howard: Yeah, well, you think I was having fun, sitting around all night listening to my mother say, “Have you ever peed so much in your life?”

*Sheldon’s face starts to twitch.*

Raj: Oh my God! You are such a mama’s boy!

Howard: Hey, don’t bring my mother into this!

Raj: You brought your mother into this!

Sheldon: (whirls round and screams) Stop it, both of you! All this fighting, I might as well be back with my parents! “Damnit, George, I told you if you didn’t quit drinkin’ I’d leave you!”“Well, I guess that makes you a liar, ’cause I’m drunk as hell and you’re still here!” “Stop yelling! You’re making Sheldon cry!”“Oh, I’ll tell you what’s making Sheldon cry! That I let you name him Sheldon!”(He runs out of the comic book store.)

Howard: Boy, what got him so upset?

Raj: (angrily) Oh, sure, you can tell when Sheldon’s upset.

Live long and prosper! 😀

Doctor Who Quiz! (Series 4)

Same rules apply as the previous quizzes. Good luck!

  1. Who was lead writer and executive producer of Doctor Who up until David Tennant’s final episode?
  2. Who is the current lead writer and exec. producer of Doctor Who?
  3. In the first episode of the fourth series (with the Adipose), what happens when you aim two active sonic devices at each other?
  4. In that same episode, how do the Doctor and Donna meet?
  5. Where does the Doctor take Donna in the next episode?
  6. Who were the monsters in that same episode?
  7. Which of the Doctor’s assistants returned in the Sontaran episodes?
  8. What is the first thing the Doctor’s Daughter says when she sees the Doctor?
  9. Who are the monsters in The Doctor’s Daughter?
  10. True or False: the actress who plays the Doctor’s Daughter is currently David Tennant’s wife.
  11. Which famous crime writer plays a big part in The Unicorn and the Wasp?
  12. In that same episode, what is the last thing the Doctor needs in order to get rid of the cyanide in his body? (HINT: the first three were ginger beer, protein and salt (although pure salt is too salty).)
  13. Still in that same episode, which person is the murderer?
  14. Who are the monsters in Silence in the Library?
  15. If somebody has been affected by the monsters, what are they most likely to say over and over?
  16. What is the final piece of advice given to the Doctor and Donna by the welcome computer, in order to stay alive?
  17. What’s the name of the library’s main computer?
  18. What is the name of the mysterious woman who is first introduced in Silence in the Library, and appears continuously in further episodes (most recently in the final episode of the previous series, The Wedding of ___ ___).
  19. In the following episode, what is the name of the planet that the plane is flying over (and is also the episode name)?
  20. In the episode after that, at the T-junction, which way did Donna turn, leading to her meeting the Doctor?
  21. When the past is altered, and she turns right, what is on her back throughout the episode?
  22. Which of the Doctor’s assistants constantly appears throughout that same episode?
  23. What two words does the assistant whisper in Donna’s ear as she lies dying on the road?
  24. Which famous Doctor Who villain is brought back for the finale?
  25. What is the Doctor doing in the cliffhanger between the final two episodes, and why?

The Hunger Games Film – Review

*WARNING: If you just want the film to surprise you, and don’t want to be given any information about it, I suggest that you look over this blog post. And yes, that was a needlessly long way of saying SPOILERS!!! You have been warned.*

After the disappointment of having to miss seeing the film with my friends on a cinema trip, I finally got the chance to see the over-two-hour film last night. I was not expecting what I saw! As a Hunger Games fan, I was beaming nearly the whole way through.

And that’s the thing. I was only beaming through MOST of the film. There were some bits I was annoyed by: bits that were either taken out of the book, or added to the film. Suzanne Collins was co-writer and executive producer, but I hope that she made no contribution to any of these changes; she’s a super writer, and I’m sure that she’s clever enough to know that these would have been too risky.

At the beginning of the book, Katniss is given her precious mockingjay pin by the mayor’s daughter. In the film, she finds it at Old Sal’s stall, where it isn’t one of a kind, but one of many. Not only is it a far less interesting introduction of the mockingjay pin, but it spoils the sequel (in danger of spoilers, I won’t say how).

The moment where Haymitch has the mother of all You’ve Been Framed moments and topples off the edge of the stage is also omitted, probably because the director deemed it unsuitable to have a moment of humour during a time of emotional turmoil. However, I loved this moment in the book, and I was sad to see that it was cut out.

Also, throughout the book, they constantly cut away from the action to conversations between the Games Master and Haymitch, or the Games Master and President Snow (cutting his white roses that’ll make any Hunger Games fan shiver at the thought of smelling it).

And finally, and I know that it’s not really suitable since it’s not the done thing for a film, but there was no running commentary of Katniss’ suffering thoughts and feelings that the book’s first person tense presented so geniusly.

But aside from the niggles, the film was astounding. I had not felt so much bitter hatred for humanity since I saw The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas. During the film, there were several moments when I spat right at the game controllers, “YOU DISGUSTING BEASTS.” I was consistently close to crying. The District 12 population marching into the square at the beginning brought to mind a crowd of Jews heading for their doom in the gas chambers. Effie Trinket’s sickly smile and white paint smeared all over her face like gloppy paint was appropriately disgusting. And I needn’t tell you how many times I mouthed along to that infernal catchphrase, “And may the odds be ever in your FRICKING FAVOUR.” And those moments when we cut to the game controllers grinning as they watch the contestants scream and run and cry in the arena just makes you want to strangle them to death.

But, looking on the bright side, it was nice that they had Caesar Flickerman appear at certain points during The Hunger Games as a walking, talking Hunger Games for Dummies book, explaining what trackerjackers are (the moment they infected Katniss was a heart-pounding moment, as was the moment the mutt leaps out…) and what Katniss doesn’t see. And Rue…oh, Rue was a dream to watch, even from the moment she’s first introduced. And there is tremendous acting from the person who plays Peeta. And Prim is SO CUTE!

If you’re a Hunger Games fan, I’d say that this film is 4/5, since the changes from the book can often be rather annoying. But if you’ve never read the book, then I have no hesitation in awarding this film a 5/5, although I would also recommend that you read the book instead if you can. Don’t be put off by the length. The way you’ll read it, it might as well be 100 pages long!

Live long and prosper! And may the odds be ever in your favour! 😀

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