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Big Bang Theory Quote of the Week!

Penny’s moment in the spotlight, and it’s EPIC!

Bernadette: Raj, you should’ve seen Leonard’s experiment. The interference pattern was so cool when the electron beam was on.

Leonard: I’m glad you enjoyed it. Most people aren’t that interested in what I do.

*Penny, halfway through taking another forkful of takeaway food, stops. Sheldon looks directly at her. Penny sits up.*

Penny: Actually, that’s not true, Leonard.

*Leonard looks at Penny.*

Penny: In fact, recently I’ve been thinking that given the parameters of your experiment, the transport of electrons through the aperture of the nano-fabricated metal rings is qualitatively no different than the experiment already conducted in the Netherlands.

*The gang are stunned. They stare at Penny, completely spellbound. Leonard’s flabbergasted. Sheldon smiles and nods.*

Penny: (continuing) Their observed phase shift in the diffusing electrons inside the metal ring already conclusively demonstrated the electric analogue of the Aharonov-Bohm quantum-interference effect.

*The room’s silent. The gang can’t believe it. Leonard’s amazed. Penny thinks for a moment.*

Penny: That’s it. That’s all I know……Oh, wait! (Pause) Fig Newtons were named after a town in Massachusetts, not the scientist.

N.B: This is from the 50th episode of the Big Bang Theory, and featured one of Sheldon’s most funniest catchphrases, “It’s a warm, summer evening in ancient Greece…”

Live long and prosper! 😀


The Sands of Summer

Today I decided to do some revision for German and Science. I was all prepared. I had my task sheet, I had my books, and I had my brain. In the background, Spotify played The Rah Band, and I was bobbing my head up and down, slightly disappointed that I can no longer flap my hair up and down, like they do in Wayne’s World, since today’s haircut that removed four months’ worth of hair.

But something seemed weird. My brain felt empty of nearly everything educational and useful. The German looked a little gobbledygooky, and the Biology stuff looked a little alien. I got some stuff wrong that I would never have got wrong if I was doing it after school. It was clear who was to blame. The one thing sitting in the background roaring with laughter at what it’s done to me over these heavenly six weeks: the summer holidays.

I don’t know whether it was because it was actually difficult, or whether I’ve just become stupider, but one of the (higher) reading tasks on Klar that we had to do as part of our summer work I really struggled on at first. It was as if the summer holidays was a bash on my German head that gave me amnesia. I’d forgotten so much. The same went to the Biology revision I had to do on Bitesize.

But then again, it’s not something to worry about. It happens. And it actually might be a task that’s as hard as concrete.

Over one and a half months this summer holiday has lasted, and now there’s only about ONE WEEK LEFT. It’s ridiculous — no, it’s LUDRICIOUS just how fast it’s gone by. All those precious weeks of wonderful weather; all those mornings of us teenagers lazing in our beds, “chillaxing”; all those days of just doing nothing; all those holidays we took away from the rat race. They’re vanishing fast. And it’s so, so sad. Now our brains have to change the gearstick to that dusty gear that is “SCHOOL”, joyfully neglected for over six weeks.

Summer took my memory and turned it into sand, which just ran through my fingers like a sieve. But the sand was part of a glorious beach, which will forever provide memories of peace and happiness.

The Priceless Paralympics

How many of you watched the Opening Ceremony to the Paralympic Games? If not, why? Was it because the Games wouldn’t be as enjoyable as the Olympics? Was it because the athletes don’t have much strength since they’re disabled? Was it because it’s essentially the Olympics’ younger brother that is always in their older brother’s shadow? If so, then I’m about to show you why all these thoughts are complete balderdash; the Paralympic Games may be the Olympics’ younger brother, but they are the younger brother who quickly develops into a courageous, powerful and important person, faster than it’s older brother. The Paralympic Games should NOT be overlooked. And here’s why.

The Paralympic athletes are so superhuman they might as well be from the planet Krypton. They defy the limitations of human strength, perseverance and determination to show the world that even if they may be disabled, blind, limbless or otherwise, they can professionally play versions of Olympic sports that are ludricously more extreme and violent. Can’t imagine blind people playing football? Think wheelchair basketball is nice and calm? Consider the idea of people missing a leg swimming like super-professionals to be impossible? Well, think again. Like the C4 ad says, the Olympics is just the Warm Up; the Paralympics is the real challenge.

If you thought the task of creating the Olympics Closing Ceremony after the brilliance of Danny Boyle’s Opening Ceremony was tough, just imagine the amount of stress on the people behind the Paralympic Opening Ceremony. It would be almost unbearable. But in the end, it was awesome. Even if there was no special event like the Queen parachuting out of a helicopter, it was an all round spectacular ceremony centered around the girl Miranda from Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Instead of all the action taking place at the beginning, they split between the beginning and the end, which I thought was a wise decision, since in the Olympic Ceremony they classified the lighting of the Olympic cauldron as a brand new thing to be enticed by. Since this was now expected, they needed to end the show with some brand new stuff.

The imagination behind the show was immense. The fact that Stephen Hawking in a sense began the entire ceremony was a genius idea, since he’s the biggest brain in the world, and has defied his disability by living far longer than expected. The show was a fascinating celebration of science and human rights, focusing on the Big Bang and Newton’s apple (I didn’t really understand the meaning behind everybody watching taking a bite out of an apple). Miranda’s journey was so eccentric and imaginative it brought to mind a girl wearing a blue dress and white apron staring up at a cat that has teeth so big it’s a miracle that its jaws are actually still intact. It was like a dream in both senses.

They had a man zipwire hundreds of feet above the ground to take the Paralympic torch to the cauldron. How cool is that?! And watching disabled artists defy their limitations to entertain us in dazzling ways was another real highlight (the dancer in particular was extraordinary). And then there was Boris. Good old Boris: the only politician who would laugh at the suggestion of him being in one of the zipwires above the stadium; the only politician who asks the interview, “How are you?”; and the only politician who is so human that they actually watch enough television to refer to C4’s Paralympic advert!

May the Paralympic Games live long and prosper! 🙂

ASDF Movie Quiz

Just as a one-off, I have composed an easy quiz based on the five awesome YouTube videos! Good luck!

  1. In asdf movie 1, what piece of clothing does one character claim is killing him?
  2. What’s the name of the superhero that appears in asdf movie 1?
  3. What happens when somebody presses the pointless button?
  4. What vegetable is stamped on in asdf movie 1?
  5. What dessert is killed in asdf movie 1?
  6. In asdf movie 2, what does the bully say is written on the ceiling, before stealing the victim’s lungs?
  7. What does one of the characters in the opening scene to asdf movie 2 bake for the other person?
  8. What animal drives a car off a cliff in asdf movie 2?
  9. Who is shown to be trapped on the moon in asdf movie 2, and has no idea as to how they got there?
  10. After the credits in asdf movie 2, what bread-based product does a character almost eat?
  11. Complete the reply to the following quote: “What are you up to, son?”
  12. In asdf movie 3, what does one of the characters mistakenly use thinking it’s a camera?
  13. Complete the quote: “Pfft! Screw ___!”
  14. Complete the quote: “Now, son, don’t touch that ___!”
  15. Why is there a baby on fire in asdf movie 3?
  16. What happens when a character presses his finger on a book in asdf movie 4?
  17. What crushes the host of The Science Show?
  18. Why is a teenager not allowed to skateboard in asdf movie 4?
  19. What piece of food does one character wish to be in asdf movie 4, and it comes true?
  20. What happens to the character who steps out of a time machine in asdf movie 4?
  21. What happens to the character who sarcastically tells somebody, “Nice hat!”
  22. What is apparently the solution to an alien attack in asdf movie 4?
  23. What profession does the girl at the closing sketch to asdf movie 4 aspire to be?
  24. Complete the name of the character from asdf movie 5: ___ Turtle
  25. Complete the quote from asdf movie 5: “You ever get tired of being ___?…Me neither.”

Live long and prosper! 😀

Rajesh Ramayan Koothrappali

Poor Raj. It’s just absurd that the writers have given Sheldon, Leonard and Howard girlfriends, but not Raj (even though he was the closest to chatting up Summer Glau, and he’s better than Howard at chatting up a girl at a bar). It’s just cruel that even if Raj does get a girlfriend, he would be forever known as the guy who gets a girlfriend AFTER SHELDON COOPER. Oh, the humanities! Ahem, sorry, humiliation. has a page full of BBT merchandise, including Soft Kitty pillows and hoodies and plush toys and mugs and more; Sheldon and Leonard plush toys; and bobble head figures of the gang. But there’s just one thing: Raj does not feature in any of those.

Raj didn’t even get a dignified first appearance or role in a joke in the pilot episode. While Sheldon showed the viewer just how geeky he is right from the first line, Leonard showed how terrible he is at talking to women, Howard got the viewer in hysterics right from his first appearance with his Hawking impression, and Penny revealed her love for steak (despite being a vegetarian), Raj just stayed silent (since he can’t talk to women), and he acted as Howard’s supporter and a minor character.

But then there came forth Lalita Gupta, and Raj finally got to do some jokes.

I really like Raj. I think he’s the best. But the merchandise manufacturers don’t seem to agree with me; I’ve looked through the BBT Tees on and all I could find was a t-shirt with a picture of Raj on it, saying “Ladies Man” above him. The only other times Raj appeared was with Howard. He wasn’t even on a “___ for President t-shirt”.

Raj has got a brilliant personality. His constant use of “dude” in his dialect; his ever positive outlook on life; his light-hearted jokes and his genuinely interesting riddles; and his heart-breaking looks of pain as he tries (or fails) to talk to Penny always make Big Bang Theory episodes a joy to watch.

But that’s not to say Raj should be the main character; the other geeks are just fine: watching Sheldon try and fail to understand the world around him; seeing Leonard become befuddled at something that confuses him so much; cringing at Howard’s clearly desperately bad attempts at picking up Penny; and giggling at Penny become mentally exhausted at Sheldon’s geekily insane behaviour all also make Big Bang Theory episodes a joy to watch.

Live long and prosper, Raj!

Favourite Songs of the Week!

  1. The Crunch – The Rah Band
  2. Barry & Freda – Victoria Wood
  3. Jilted John – Jilted John
  4. Tom Hark – Performed by many artists, but my particular favourite is by The Piranhas
  5. Promised You A Miracle – Simple Minds

The Birds

Forget that scary Hitchcock film that probably comes to mind when you read the title to this post; birds are the cutest animals in the multiverse. FACT.

I have two pet budgies: Sky and Sunny. Their tummies are bright but cloudy skies; their eyes are pure black beads that melt your heart as you gaze into them; their movements are curious twitches in every direction at every angle, whether it’s tilting their head to one side as you smile at them, or down low and pointing out as you bend down to look at them; and their beaks are tough nuts that can either lovingly nibble your finger, and pierce the skin of your hand in fear.

Birds have such adorable personalities. Go into a pet shop where the walls are lined with cages, and you’ll see the little birds sleeping or flapping or squawking or screeching. Go up to one and they will shy away in fear. I mean, imagine you were in a cage and a face quadruple the size of your torso stares at you with eyes bigger than your head and teeth as big as marble white gravestones. Pretty scary, huh!

But then there are the few: the ever inquisitive ones who bound across their perch and examine this new human face they had heard so much about. Their bright orange beaks that never stop smiling repeatedly cock their head to one side and reach out to give a strand of this person’s “hair” (whatever that is) a little nibble. If they were brought out for this person to hold, they wouldn’t care that this person was stroking their wing, or rubbing a finger down their beak, or taking photos of them; all they cared about was having a taste of this new kind of feathers. “Buttons” they call this? Sounds tasty! I’ll have a nibble… Ooh, now what’s this shiny ticking thing? Whatever’s attached to it looks a bit scruffy. What if I preen it a little? Give it a nibble… Ooh, now that’s tasty! Millet? Pah! This is nice!

That’s how we found our first budgie: Sky. The second — Sunny — we found in the same shop. But this wasn’t the inquisitive type. This was the weak, sleepy, skinny type: the unfortunate victim of battering claws, vicious bites and violent knocks to the head by the other budgies. When we bought him, his wing must have been clipped wrong, because he could never fly again. In fact, he still can’t. He always makes an effort, but every time he just plummets to the floor like a burning plane. He makes up for his inability to fly, though; he can climb up furniture, wires and even curtains!

We found these exact personalities in two parrots today, when we visited the same pet shop. Have a guess who had which personality:

The green parrot was like Sky: the bouncy, nibbly, curious one. He even stood in his food bucket just to have a look at this strange new animal admiring him. He nibbled EVERYTHING when somebody held him.

The grey one was like Sunny: the sleepy, jumpy, timid one. He just stayed in his spot throughout, his trembling eyes opening and closing, and he often ran back across the perch up when somebody tried to hold him.

Birds are the cutest animals in the multiverse AND all alternate dimensions. FACT.

May birds live long and prosper! 😀

Penny? Penny? Penny?

Poor Penny. Everything she’s been through, she deserves somebody far better than a geek who accidentally shoots himself in the foot at a shooting range (although I do like Leonard; he’s my second favourite character, Raj being first and Stuart being third).

From first impressions, she was nothing more than a lovely blonde Nebraskan with a peculiar taste of either stupid or ludricously muscular boyfriends, but also a good taste in Lily Allen (when we first see Penny in her apartment, she’s listening to Smile by Lily Allen). But then she let Sheldon get into her life, and from then on things would never be the same again.

He tidied up her ransacked apartment. He drove her mad every time he went into her car and said, “Your check engine light is on.” He showed Penny just how intolerable he can be when he’s sick. And that was just in Season One.

But these were all just short term. Thanks to the geeks, Penny was also affected long term: she was introduced to Howard; her ability to tolerate stupid boyfriends was destroyed by going out with Leonard; and she became a GEEK (she used the Star Trek term “raise the shields” in a non-geeky conversation with another woman, quoted Yoda from The Empire Strikes Back, and joined in with Sheldon when he talked of how Captain Kirk cheated in his fight against the Kobayashi Maru by reprogramming it (had to look it up on to find the name. I kinda cheated here as well, I guess).

On the other hand, the geeks didn’t really affect her life too badly. (The one person who DID do that was Leonard’s mother. Good thing she got her revenge on her by teaching her how to drink, which led to that unforgettable kiss…) They say that spending your life doing the same dull thing over and over again is not a good idea. Penny was doing just that before the geeks along. Then she suddenly found herself doing the most peculiar of activities: dating “The King of Nerds” three times (four if you include when Leonard got concussion while taking Penny out for a meal); becoming “Bessie” to the princess of nerds (complete with tiara), who suffers from night terrors, travel constipation, dry scalp, and a terrible choice in boyfriends; and giggling hysterically as she listens to Sheldon scream at Leonard, “No, you don’t screw the roommate agreement; the roommate agreement screws YOU!”

A post as useless as E4’s Useless Fact, I know it is. But there you go. This is just stuff. Good word: stuff.

Live long and prosper! 😀

Big Bang Theory Quote of the Week!

This week I present to you…Sheldon’s legendary speech…

Sheldon: Oh, dear.

Penny: What’s the matter?

Sheldon: I’m getting dizzy.

Raj: Don’t worry. You’re surrounded by your C-Men…

Sheldon: I can’t do this. I’m going to faint.

Penny: (handing Sheldon a glass of champagne) Here, drink this. It’ll relax you.

Sheldon: Alcohol? I don’t drink alcohol.

Penny: Fine, faint.

*Sheldon drinks from it.*

Sheldon: I don’t feel different, this alcohol’s defective.

Penny:(handing Sheldon another glass) Here, see if this one works.

*Sheldon swigs from it.*

Leonard (still talking): First of all, the projects were totally different! I was showing that classical music nurtures lima beans and makes them grow, but my mother didn’t hear me. If you’d like to look at the relationship between nurturing and growth, I’d like to point out that my brother is eight inches taller than me!!!!!

Sheldon:(drunkenlywaving a bottle of alcohol in the air and drinking from it) I’m reeeeeeaaaadyyyyyyyyyy!

Leonard:(restrained) Oh, right. Ladies and gentlemen, our guest of honour: Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

*Sheldon takes one last swig, leaps onto the stage and pushes Leonard away, seizing the microphone.*

Sheldon: Thanks, shorty, I’ll take it from here.

*Leonard sits.*

Sheldon: All right, you people ready to have some fun? You have a basic understanding of differential calculus and at least one year of algebraic topology? Well, then here come the jokes! Why did the chicken cross the Mobius strip? To get to the same side! Bazinga!

*The hall murmurs. Nobody laughs. People look confused. Sheldon continues.*

Sheldon: All right, a neutron walks into a bar and asks, how much for a drink? The bartender says, for you, no charge!

*Raj giggles hysterically under his breath. Leonard glares at him and he stops.*

Sheldon: (thumping the microphone) Hello? I know you’re out there. I can hear you metabolizing oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide. Looks like we have some academic dignitaries in the audience. Dr. Randall from the geology department, only man who’s happy when they take his work for granite. Ba-da cha!

*Dr Randall looks annoyed. People murmur louder. Few people laugh.*

Sheldon: I kid the geologists, of course, but it’s only ’cause I have no respect for the field……..But let’s get serious for a moment.

*He crouches down and leans against the podium, glaring at the audience. The gang stare back at him.*

Sheldon: Why are we all here? ‘Cause we’re scientists. And what do scientists study? The universe. And what’s the universe made of? I’m so glad you asked. (Singing) Theeeeereeeee’s antimony, arsenic, aluminium, selenium, and hydrogen and oxygen and nitrogen and rhenium, and nickel, neodymium, neptunium, germanium… Everybody! And iron, americium, ruthenium, uranium, europium, zirconium, lutetium, vanadium… Just the Asians! (Penny stares wide eyed as the murmuring increases even more.) And lanthanum and osmium, and astatine and radium…

Live long and prosper! 😀


I just HAVE to post this!

I’m sure you were aware weeks ago when NASA successfully landed the Mars rover Curiosity, which apparently had one of the most complicated landing procedures ever. It was a tremendous accomplishment, which was unfortunately overshadowed by the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The Mars Curiosity team knew that they had made history, so they decided to celebrate. But what did they do? Go to Disneyland (and ride the Matterhorn)? Go to Disneyworld (and ride the Matterhorn)? Nope, but I think you know what I’m getting at.

Yup. The Mars Curiosity team did what most scientific people want to do after a big accomplishment: visit the Big Bang Theory set!

Here’s the proof:

Check out Raj’s jacket and Howard’s beard…and Amy’s arm in a SLING?????????? What the hell happened?

Oh. Well, according to Wikipedia, Mayim Bialik (the actress who plays Amy) injured her arm in a car accident about a week ago.

But anyway, I think the NASA team are pretty forgiving to be in the same room as Howard since he crashed the Mars Rover! And Sheldon’s in his spot (although cheeky Raj seems to be invading it a little)! 🙂


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