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Big Bang Theory Quote of the Week

This quote isn’t accurate word for word, but you get the general gist!

Penny: Oh no! Are all the machines TAKEN?

Sheldon:(with great restraint)Not to worry. I’ll just do my laundry another night.

Penny: Well, you could. But deep down inside you will know that laundry night will always be SATURDAY NIGHT!

*Sheldon glowers at Penny as she stands innocently in the doorway to the laundry room.*

Sheldon: Woman, you are dealing with things way beyond your ken!

Penny: Yeah well, your ken can kiss my barbie.


In the Summertime

Summer can mean so many things to so many people.

Summer can mean running round the track and sweating so much afterwards you feel like you’ve just come out of a swimming pool.

Summer can mean hell as the pollen in the air declares war on your immune system.

Summer can mean exams.

Summer can mean over a month off school.

But summer can also mean lying with your legs stretched straight out, a glass of iced water in your hand, your eyes as heavy as the sun as it falls in slow motion behind the trees. The grass caresses your skin like a cream, yet rummages around your toes like sand. The birds sweetly yell out their love to other birds. They sing “thank you” and “tweet tweeeeeeeeeeet tweet-tweet-tweet” (which I guess means “you’re welcome”). The clouds, some as pink as lilies, others as blue as water, thinly veil the sky like silk. The wind “shushes” through leaves and gives plants a friendly shove.

Summer is beautiful. It doesn’t make you suffocate by grinding down your throat, as cold and hard as sharpened ice, when you play sports in the winter. It doesn’t make you want to spend every second of your time indoors, inactive and bored. It doesn’t make conversations staccato and awkward because everybody just wants to go and huddle next to a radiator.

Summer is meditating. It’s relaxing. It’s therapeutic (had to use spell-checker for that word!). Just lying in a deckchair out in the cool summer evening air, your stress and worries evaporating harmlessly into the atmosphere, is what summer is all about.

But as soon as you go back to reality, the worries will condense. But that’s what makes sitting in a deckchair so wonderful. If we didn’t have any stress or worries when we go outside to “chillax”, they wouldn’t be so effective.

Regretted something you said? Not any more.

Hate yourself for being a coward? Not any more.

Upcoming test? Nervous? Feeling a failure? Not any more.

Forget TV. Forget video games. Forget homework.

Sitting in a deckchair on a summer’s evening was made for effective relaxation.

What does summer mean to you?

Favourite Songs of the (possibly every) Week

With kind permission from, here is my own Favourite Songs of the (possibly every) Week!

  1. Together in Electric Dreams – The Human League
  2. I Got a Jar of Dirt – Captain Jack Sparrow
  3. Wordy Rappinghood – Tom Tom Club
  4. Strange Charm – Hank Green
  5. Trans Europe Express – Kraftwerk

Big Bang Theory (Season 4) Answers

Here are the answers. As usual, calculate the number of answers you got, times it by four, et voila! Your percentage!

  1. Howard was taken to the hospital, where it was turned off by the receptionist.
  2. The great and powerful Woz (AKA. Steve Wozniak)
  3. Sheldon’s mother: Mary Cooper.
  4. George Takei
  5. He pretended to be an Apple Store ‘Genius’ to pick up women.
  6. A forest.
  7. A Thomas the Tank Engine with real puffing smoke (your answer is accepted, rgs97).
  8. New Moon (you only get 1/2 a mark, rgs97. Sorry)
  9. His spot on the sofa
  10. The Miller’s Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer (Both = 1 mark. Title or Author = 1/2 mark)
  11. Fishing on the Wii
  12. Hoo!
  13. The Grand Canyon
  14. Project Nodlehs
  15. The Neutral Zone
  16. Originally, Sheldon was going to play Spock, and Penny Mary Cooper, but Penny tells Sheldon to switch round to get him out of his comfort zone. Then Sheldon adds himself to the novella, and has a nervous breakdown. (Both of you can get a whole mark for your answers)
  17. I’m not insane! My mother had me tested! (I know, it was a bit of a mean, badly-worded question)
  18. Bill Gates
  19. Penny
  20. It has come to my attention that this question was absurdly mean, so despite the fact that my intentional answers to this question were “I’m thinking of getting orthotics.” and “I’m thinking of starting a herb garden.” I’m going to give full marks if you gave the other two pieces of gossip (so both you commenters get full marks).
  21. I’ll accept either Leonard or Priya
  22. An astronaut, when in fact spell checker had changed it from ‘architect’.
  23. person chess
  24. Walk into a contaminated room, so he goes under quarantine.
  25. Raj!

If you have any ideas for what one of my next quizes should be, please comment! 😀

Adverts – Amazing or Annoying?

Adverts…where to start? There are so many adverts, trying to do so many things, aimed for so many audiences. There are ads that advertise a bizarre company for an unknown reason. There are ads that provide head-thuppingly catchy-as-fish songs. And then there are ads that have created a book based on it’s presenter, a website that has become far more famous than the website the ad is trying to advertise, and ONE WORD that has spread faster than the speed of light around school playgrounds and innocent, daily conversations.

There have been ads with drumming gorillas; cars made out of cakes; children with squirming yet rhythmic eyebrows; super-intelligent people who take ages to realise that 7 is bigger than 3; dogs who can mow lawns, clean windows and convince humans by the power of adverts that they should not throw their pet’s favourite bunny bear away; opera singers prancing around restaurants and cafes telling people to compare insurance prices; black and orange ninjas somersaulting in slow motion making words and coins  appear out of nowhere; men and women singing about old movies (like The Godfather…III) and smiling girls on station platforms; cats with thumbs; tiny, bouncing, pink blobs with big white eyes;  the list goes on……….

I love ads. I love to watch them. I love to just sit with my mind a wreck as I try to figure out WHY a blow-up toy appeared in a Japanese man’s bathroom after he accidentally destroyed a shelf of “ladies stuff”. I love to realise an hour or so later that my mind is STILL going, “choo choo choo…” (well, not particularly…).

But there are also ads that I hate, because they’re either VERY cliche (I ask you,, WHY? Why did you go from ads about old movies and smiling girls on train platforms….TO THIS?), or because they just aren’t very appealing to me.

There are more ads I’ve just thought up: the BT ads and the Snickers ads. I LOVE THOSE ADS!

Adverts can be amazing and they can be annoying. But they will always be fun and amazing and a joy to watch.

But what do you think? (As a certain Virgin ad goes – OH YES! ANOTHER AMAZING AD! And not just because it has David Tennant, a brilliant sense of humour, amazing directing, funny things happening to Richard Branson…) No, but seriously. What do you think?


The greatest blog I’ve ever seen.

Originally started as a blog to release her feelings about her ex-boyfriend cheating on her, Zoe’s blog has now become chock-a-block with weird but amazingly written posts ranging from book reviews to the epicness of llamas. It contains 165 posts and counting, with no visible signs of stopping.

People from about 15-20 countries (including Lebanon, Lithuania and Hong Kong) have discovered this blog, and some of them are even following it, just to read about Zoe’s ideas and opinions and tales. As her tagline goes, lifesabowlofinnuendos is just Zoe being Zoe!

Have a read of it if you haven’t yet:

The ULTIMATE Big Bang Theory Website!

If you’re a Big Bang Theory fan, I cannot recommend this website enough! With links to shopping sites containing Sheldon’s t-shirts, Howard’s belt buckles and Big Bang Theory merchandise; pages devoted to Sheldon’s greatest quotes; links to websites that sell items seen in the Big Bang Theory (e.g. Leonard’s lightsaber/ 3D chess/Sheldon’s Flash costume…) and videos/ads the BBT actors were in before BBT, this IS 0,0,0,0 for a Big Bang Theory fan! It’s Nerdvana! It’s Big Bang Theory heaven! You get the idea.

Click on this link, and enjoy! 😀


Oh no! It’s a disaster!

The entire TV network has shut down! Forever!

Thankfully, they are able to save just ONE CHANNEL.

One channel: the only channel you can see whenever you want.

And there is no iPlayer etc.

If there was just one channel in the whole of Britain, what would it be for you if you got to decide?

For me it would be E4. Definitely. Without a shadow of a doubt.


Four words.

The Ricky Gervais Show.

Nah, I’m just kidding! Look at the tagline for this blog. That’s your only clue.

Yup. You guessed it.

How I Met Your Mother.

No, that’s wrong. And it’s five words, not four.

It is of course The Big Bang Theory!

But what about you? What would you choose if you had to decide?

Tough decision, I know.

If you can find any loopholes, feel free to use them.

Big Bang Theory Quiz (Season 4)!

Here is another Big Bang Theory Quiz, this time based on (in my opinion) the best season: Season 4!

  1. How was Howard’s robot arm released from its…awkward grasp?
  2. What famous technological “wizard” do the nerds meet at the Cheesecake Factory?
  3. Who manages to get Shamy back together?
  4. What famous Star Trek actor appears in Howard’s daydream about Katee Sackhoff and Bernadette?
  5. Why did Leonard get sent to a “mall jail”?
  6. Whenever Sheldon tried to “go north” in a text game, where did he end up in?
  7. What does Raj tell Sheldon’s he’s got as a present after everybody reveals what mean action they performed to somebody?
  8. What is Raj reading when the FBI agent knocks on his door?
  9. Easy one: What does Sheldon give Howard as an apology for telling on him to the FBI?
  10. When dared to tell a dirty story, what story does Amy Farrah Fowler tell?
  11. What are Leonard and Penny’s dad doing when Penny reveals the truth about her relationship with Leonard?
  12. What is the first thing Amy says to Penny’s ex-boyfriend Zack?
  13. To restrain himself after Leonard lowers the temperature of the flat, Sheldon imagines himself as the Flash running to where to scream in agony?
  14. What project name does Sheldon suggest for Leonard’s differential equation solver app?
  15. What does Leonard call the line between him and Penny when they sleep in the same bed at a spa hotel?
  16. When performing Sheldon’s Star Trek novella he wrote as a child, who plays who?
  17. REALLY EASY ONE: Which of his catchphrases does Sheldon give to President Siebert over the phone when he tells Sheldon that there’s just no point talking to him?
  18. What famous technological millionaire punched Sheldon in the nose after he insulted him?
  19. Who “convinces” (in a VERY violent way) a bully to give Sheldon back his World of Warcraft stuff?
  20. What two pieces of info does Amy give as a control to see which piece of gossip spreads the fastest around the group?
  21. Who uses the flaws in Sheldon’s Roommate Agreement to their advantage?
  22. Who does Bernadette say Penny is going out with when she acts as Penny and Amy’s “spy”?
  23. What game does Sheldon invent in the same episode?
  24. What does Sheldon accidentally do, causing him to end up spending about a week in a hospital room?
  25. When Penny wakes up at the end of Season 4, who is in bed with her?

I’ve tried to make it more easy this time. Good luck, and live long and prosper! 😀

Fred’s Chemistry Quiz Answers!

Well done everyone for your answers! Here are the answers (do please tell me if there is a mistake):
  1. Dmitri
  2. Europium
  3. Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen
  4. Mercury and Bromine
  5. f
  6. Solitaire 
  7. Tetrahedral
  8. Reduction
  9. Carbon and Nitrogen (bonus point: HCN)
  10. Increasing the chain length
  11. It increases
  12. The outer electrons get further away from the nucleus, so they are more easily lost.
  13. (Theeeeerrrrrrreeeeesssssssss) Antimony, Arsenic, Aluminium, Selenium….
  14. German
  15. Rutherfordium
  16. Francium
  17. Three
  18. (s,p,o,c,k) (s,p,d,f,g)
  19. principle (bonus points: sharp, diffuse, fundamental)
  20. Scandium and zinc
  21. Sub-metals (accept metalloids)
  22. Electronics
  23. 2+
  24. Atomos
  25. Indivisible
  26. Hydrogen (or Hydrogen Ion)
  27. Decomposition of hydrogen peroxide
  28. Ethanoic acid
  29. Blindness
  30. Ethanol
For my next quiz, I am planning to do a (hopefully easy) quiz on Season 4 of the Big Bang Theory (in my opinion the best season), so get revising!
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