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The Legend of Zelda

About 50 years ago, a young Japanese boy was wandering the woods near his back garden. In his wild imagination, he imagined purple, bright eyed bats erupting out of the caves; red blobs with eight legs spitting nuts out of their mouths; skeletons armed with a sword and shield diving from the tree tops, and a princess under the arm of an evil red-haired man from the desert. About 25 years later, the memories from that Japanese person came to life in one of the greatest gaming series of all time: The Legend of Zelda.

For years and years and years, I was a Mario fan. Well, technically, I was a HUGE Yoshi fan (I still am). Mario Sunshine. Mario 64. Mario Bros. Mario Galaxy. I loved them all. But then I came across a game in a golden box. That game was Ocarina of Time. I was RUBBISH at it. I let the box gather dust for years. All those years later I picked it up again. I sat down. I inserted the disc. And as that Dirty Dancing song goes, I had THE TIME OF MY LIFE.

The Legend of Zelda is AMAZING. It’s amazingly, brilliantly, completely epic! With action packed stories, gloriously beautiful scenery, smashing battles and brain-melting puzzles, I would go as far as saying Zelda is THE ONLY GAMING SERIES THAT SHOULD EXIST!

The Master Sword. Zelda. Ganondorf. Midna. Saria. Link. The Great Deku Tree. Kokiri Forest. Death Mountain. Gerudo Valley. Midna. NAVI. The Postman. Majora. Gorons. Zoras. Lon Lon Ranch. SKYWARD SWORD………………….. HYRULE. Just typing these words makes my heart jump and bounce and pound. I LOVE LEGEND OF ZELDA. If you haven’t even heard of this, shove that fat red plumber out of the way and immerse yourself in a truly superb series of games that celebrated its 25th anniversary last year! My advice would be to try out one of the DS Zelda games (Phantomn Hourglass/Spirit Tracks) since they are the easiest, but if you want to try out the best, GET OCARINA OF TIME! Or Twilight Princess. But beware: IT IS VERY BLACK!

So there we are. My fifth post is all about Zelda. I couldn’t be an happier!



Good news everyone!

I am about to tell you of an amazing cartoon sci-fi series from the creator of The Simpsons (Matt Groening), called Futurama!

Futurama is set in the year 3000, and is about an Express Delivery company called Planet Express, with its members: Bender the bending robot, Fry the loser, the Professor, Leela “the Cyclops”, Dr Zoidberg the lonely lobster, Hermes the Jamaican bureaucrat, and Amy (who may sound normal, but is actually a female Martian, and the daughter of a farmer).

Want to know more? Either watch some of the series, or wait for another post.


I LOVE gaming!

Mario Bros! Legend of Zelda! Pac-Man! If you have not heard of any of these, WHO ARE YOU? AN ALIEN?

I am always at my happiest when I am confident about revision/my homework is done/I can take time off work, because then I can sit in the gaming room, seize the torso of my Wiimote, and start slicing Octoroks and Moblins in half on Legend of Zelda! Either that, or I desperately twist my Wii wheel to and fro on Mario Kart.

Gaming is life. Life IS gaming. I don’t know why I said that. I never know why I said anything. I don’t know why I said that. Or that. Or that. Or that. Or that. Or that Or that. Or that. Or that.

Sorry. Where was I? Doesn’t matter. Gaming is EPIC. Gaming makes life worth living. Gaming gets me through work and revision.

Now, I will leave you on a “suicide note”.

I like trains.

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